New Perfumes Released in 2016

New Perfumes Released in 2016

Latest Fragrance Releases
Our list of perfumes and fragrances released in 2016. Perfumes, bath and body, and home fragrances.

Updated 01/21/20

Fragrance Articles & Editorials

Perfumes Pure and Simple Perfumes Pure and Simple
Perfume built around a singular fragrance note. Liana Schaffner, contributing editor at Allure serves up her favorites. However, these scents are pure and complex.

Fragrance Gift Sets Fragrance Gift Sets
Get your fragrance fix by the "trunk" load. Check out new high-end, high-cost, high-notes of the perfume collections that are taking over top design houses.

Clear Perfumes with Complex Notes Clear Perfumes with Complex Notes
In the December issue of Allure magazine, senior beauty editor, Jessica Chia, takes note of three new transparent fragrances housing complex scents.

Perfume Gift Guide Perfume Gift Guide
Cosmo beauty editor sniffs out the stories behind the latest perfumes to help you pick the perfect fragrance for your special someone this holiday season.

Find the Perfect Scent Find the Perfect Scent
Discover a new favorite fragrance by following the personal style guide found in Harper's Bazaar fashion magazine. With over 30 perfumes featured, you're bound to find a new fave!

Create a Scent Memory Create a Scent Memory
In this month's InStyle magazine, beauty editor Angelique Serrano dives into the science behind memories triggered by scents to discover if it's possible to consciously create your own scent memory.

Beauty Insider Beauty Insider
This beauty insider article featured in the September InStyle magazine, written by journalist Kayleigh Donahue Hodes, informs us where the pros seek out their fave beauty gems for home fragrance and perfumes.

Buying Perfume Online BEFORE Smelling It Buying Perfume Online BEFORE Smelling It?
In this month's Cosmopolitan, deputy beauty editor, Jessica Matlin takes a closer look into the new way of buying perfume online - even before you smell it. The new trend of visual representations to evoke emotions and create a mood that inspires a fragrance purchase.

Bath Time - The Ultimate Luxury Bath Time - The Ultimate Luxury
In this month's Marie Claire, beauty writer, Kristin Perrotta, shows us that baths are back! Express spas and quickie showers are out, and soaking in the tub is in. Here are some products to make your bathing "me time" more luxurious.

Perfume Sustainability Perfume Sustainability
In this month's Marie Claire Fragrance Files, New York Times beauty writer, Bee Shapiro, dives into the growing concern of sustainability in the fragrance industry and the proactive measures some big perfume houses and niche labels are taking today.

Rose Perfumes In Bloom Rose Perfumes In Bloom
In this month's Marie Claire Vanity Files, beauty and health editor, Jennifer Goldstein, takes note of four new rose fragrances.

Fragrances Around the World Fragrances Around the World
From Latin America to Australia, China to Ethiopia, fashion and beauty experts around the world discuss their personal fragrances.

Summertime Candles Summertime Candles
Allure's beauty director, Elizabeth Siegel, transports us to exotic vacation destinations with these new summertime fragrance candles.

Genderless Scents Genderless Scents
Marie Claire's beauty and health editor, Jennifer Goldstein, gives us the low-down the new gender-free fragrances.

Sexy Smelling Fragrances Sexy Smelling Fragrances
Cosmo's beauty editor, Loni Venti, pairs up today's hots male models with this season's sexy-smelling perfumes... Enjoy ladies!

Mother's Day Fragrance Guide Mother's Day Fragrance Guide
Mother's Day is May 8th this year. So here's a perfume guide to help you make the purchase for your mom - or the mother of your children!

Clean Fragrances Clean Fragrances
Fresh smelling spring fragrances that are stripped down, un-floral, pure and simple. Scents of fresh laundry, soap, cotton and sparkling citrus enliven the aroma of spring.

Perfume Astrology Perfume Astrology
Cosmo's Astrologer, Aurora Tower, makes predictions for your success days and sexy days in 2016. With a new twist this year on what delights the senses - including smell! Find the perfect fragrance for your Sun Sign.

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