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Tauer Perfumes fragrances: Andy Tauer, self-taught perfumer, lauched the independent niche perfume house, Tauer Perfumes, in 2005 based in Zurich, Switzerland. His first fragrance, Le Maroc Pour Elle, was launched in 2005. Website

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Tauer Perfumes Perfumes (by year launched)
  • 2011 - Zeta | Pentachord Auburn | Pentachord Verdant | Pentachord White | Cologne du Maghreb
  • 2010 - 09 Star Orange | 10 Une Rose Vermeille | 11 Carrillon Pour Un Ange | 12 Eau d'Epices
  • 2009 - 08 Une Rose Chyree
  • 2008 - 06 Incense Rose | 07 Vetiver Dance
  • 2007 - 04 Reverie au Jardin | 05 Incense Extreme
  • 2006 - 03 Lonestar Memories | Orris
  • 2005 - 01 Le Maroc Pour Elle | 02 L'Air de Desert Marocain

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James Tauer Perfumes, perfumer About Tauer Perfumes
PhD in chemistry but self-taught perfumer, Andy Tauer, launched his niche perfume house, Tauer Perfumes, in 2005, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

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