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Summer Scents 2024 by Bath & Body Works - Get sudsy fresh with the new 2024 Summer Scents collection of hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. The seasonal fragrances include refreshing Summer Rain, Lavendar Driftwood, and Sunflower Meadows. Fruity fun cleaning soaps of Pink Gumball, Triple Berry Cooler, and Brambleberry Harvest. Get your fun-in-the-sun scented hand soaps today in gentle foaming or cleansing gel formulas at your local store. Try the new Gingham Glow fragrance!

Bath & Body Works Summer Scent Collection 2024

New Summer Hand Soap Fragrance Collection 2024

Summer Rain - NEW Fragrance
A much-needed storm at the end of summer. Fragrance notes: chilled open air, fresh musk and juniper berries.

Lavendar Driftwood - NEW Fragrance
A grounding, calming moment of peace. Fragrance notes: dried lavender, purple bergamot and smooth pepperwood.

Pink Gumball - NEW Fragrance
A pop of sweet, sweet nostalgia. Fragrance notes: rainbow gumdrops, sugared vanilla and pink spun sugar.

Sunflower Meadows - NEW Fragrance
Cheerful, yellow flowers for as far as the eye can see. Fragrance notes: sunflower petals, honeysuckle and sweet nectar.

Salted Amber & Vetiver - NEW Fragrance
Cuddling up under a blanket next to a relaxing fire. Fragrance notes: salted amber, fresh orange flower and rich vetiver.

Sweet Apple - NEW Fragrance
Juicy, just-picked fruits, fresh from the market. Fragrance notes: farm fresh apple, crisp pear and orchard skies.

Gingham Glow - NEW Fragrance
Our most joyful, radiant and golden Gingham yet. Fragrance notes: golden nectar, marigold petals and sun-soaked sandalwood.

Brambleberry Harvest - NEW Fragrance
Perfectly ripe berries with a bright burst of citrus. Fragrance notes: sweet berry jam, orange zest and fresh picked cranberries.

Triple Berry Cooler - NEW Fragrance
A bright, fresh fruit blend you can't help but love. Fragrance notes: mixed berries, fresh pineapple and sliced oranges.

Cranberry & Gala Apple - NEW Fragrance
A bright harvest of seasonal fruits. Fragrance notes: gala apple, tart cranberry and pinch of cinnamon.

Sugared Lemon & Spice - NEW Fragrance
A bright, zesty pick-me-up. Fragrance notes: lemon zest, fresh cardamom and sugared ginger.

Brown Sugar Toasted Treat - NEW Fragrance
The sweet, comforting taste of your childhood. Fragrance notes: crumbled crust, gooey brown sugar and sprinkled cinnamon.

The Bath & Body Works Summer hand soap collection is available in Gentle Foaming Hand Soap and Gentle Gel Hand Soap ($7.95 - $8.95) in the following NEW seasonal fragrances.

(Source:, July 2024)

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