Fragrance scent concentrations

Perfume Concentrations

Perfume / Parfum / Extrait

Perfume contains the strongest scent to alcohol concentration 20-30%, resulting in the more intense fragrance form.

Eau de Parfum (EDP)

Eau de Parfum is a lower scent concentration than Parfum, with generally 15-20% fragrance oil or essential oil concentration.

Eau de Toilette (EDT)

Eau de Toilette contains a lower perfume concentration than Eau de Parfum, with about 5-15% fragrance or essential oils. The result is a more subtle scent than an original fragrance blend found in perfumes.

Eau de Cologne / Cologne

Colognes contain a concentration of generally 2-5% of the essential oils or fragrance components in the blend. Cologne sprays can therefore be used more generously than all other perfume concentrations.

Splash / Mist / Eau Fraiche

Splashes are the least concentrated fragrance form and contain generally 1-3% of the fragrance or essential oils in the fragrance compound.


After-shave fragrances are formulated with moisturizers to act as skin treatments, or alcohol as a toning and cooling astringent.

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