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Spring Fragrances 2024 by Febreze - The spring inspired Febreze scent collection invites you to "shed winter odors" with five new fruity floral home fragrances. The NEW home scent collection is available for a limited time in scented candles, scented oil, and air fresheners. Fill your home, office or ride with the aroma of fruits like luscious Peach or crisp Watermelon, light florals of bright Lilac or sweet Honeysuckle, or a combination of both in the Berry and Bramble scent collection.

Febreze Spring Fragrances
Scented Candles, Wax Melts, Oils, & Air Fresheners
Launched - Jan. 2024
Febreze Spring Fragrances home collection 2024

Febreze Spring Fragrances - Fragrance Details

Febreze New! Spring Fragrance Collection
shed winter odor for a fresh start"

Home Fragrances, Scented Candles & Oils

Berry & Bramble
Scent Notes: strawberry, raspberry, bramble
Take a stroll through fields of ripe berries with Berry & Bramble. Bask in the scents of strawberry and raspberry while soaking in the sunshine of the spring.

Scent Notes: honeysuckle
Now, every day can be the first day of spring, thanks to Febreze Honeysuckle. Surround yourself with a nectary sweet scent that's sure to brighten every day.

Scent Notes: lilac
Bask in a rich floral bouquet with the freshly bloomed smell of Febreze Lilac. You'll be skipping through (metaphorical) fields thanks to this cheery floral scent that's always in season.

Scent Notes: peach
What's pretty as a peach and smells like one, too? It's Febreze Peach! Get a scent that's so refreshingly juicy and sweet, you'll want to bring home a whole bushel.

Scent Notes: watermelon
Remind your senses of warmer days with Febreze Watermelon. Crisp melon and fresh fruit pair together for a ripe, juicy scent that's perfect for freshening up before, after - or heck, even during - a picnic.

Spring Fragrances 2024 Scents 2023

The new Febreze Spring Fragrances 2024 is available in scented Candles, Wax Melts, Plug Scented Oil Refills, Air Freshener Spray, room and Car scents for a limited time.

(Source: febreze.com, Jan. 2024)

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