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Febreze LIGHT

Febreze Light by Febreze is a new lightly scented home fragrance collection. With "just a hint of scent" these air refreshing products are perfect for those sensitive to strong smells. The new collection replaces the original Febreze ONE home fragrances. This grouping includes the new aromas of Sea Spray, with watery and floral notes; Lavender, a fresh herbal; and Bamboo, a gentle minty scent. Launched in June 2020, the LIGHT fragrance collection is available in scented candles and oils, car and room refreshers, fabric and room sprays.

Febreze LIGHT Collection

NEW Febreze LIGHT Collection

Grently cleans away odors with no heavy perfumes... meet Febreze LIGHT"

Sea Spray Febreze LIGHT Air Effects
Whisk odors away with the scent of Febreze LIGHT Air Effects Sea Spray. Its watery, floral notes can revive any room without the use of heavy perfumes. Yep - just a hint of scent, that's it.

Lavender Febreze LIGHT Fabric Refresher
Start eliminating odors and soothing your soul with the scent of Febreze LIGHT Fabric Refresher Lavender. Refresh your favorite rooms and enjoy this herbal scent without any heavy perfumes.

Bamboo Febreze LIGHT Plug
Revive your home with the nature-inspired, light scent of bamboo with Febreze LIGHT Bamboo PLUG. With no dyes or heavy perfumes, it’s perfect for continuous odor-free freshness in bedrooms or anywhere else odors linger."

Febreze.com (Dec. 2020)

The new Febreze LIGHT Home Fragrances are available at Walmart and Target in scented oils, scented candles, car refreshers, fabric sprays, room refreshers, and air freshener sprays ($3.49 - $5.49).

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