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Victoria's Secret Vivid Blooms Fragrances fragrance collection

Introducing 3 NEW Victoria's Secret fragrances collections for 2024! Spring blossoms and vibrant fruits inspired the Vivid Blooms collection - a perfume bath and body collection in Briliant Cherry Blossoms, Vibrant Blooming Passionfruit, Bright Mariposa Apricot, and Lush Orchid Amber.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year and the 2024 Year of the Dragon, three new limited editions fragrances were launched in January 2024. Embrace the florals of Neroli Bergamot, Peony Amber, and Rose Lychee.

Ready for summer? Check out the new Glistening Cove sun and sea inspired fragrance collection with Siren Serenade, Aquatic Allure, Shimmering Shores, and Whispering Waves. The Vivid Blooms, Year of the Dragon, and Glistening Cove limited editions scents are available in perfumed body mists and scented body lotions.

Victoria's Secret Vivid Blooms Fragrances
Fragrance Mists & Body Lotion Collection
$19.95 for 8.4 oz. each
Launched - January 2024
Victoria's Secret Vivid Blooms Fragrance Collection 2024

Victoria's Secret Vivid Blooms Fragrances - Fragrance Details

Victoria's Secret New! Vivid Blooms Collection
Chromatic florals and succulent fruits bring spring to life in perfect color, encompassing you in a vibrant wonderland."

Fragrance Mists & Scented Body Lotions

Brilliant Cherry Blossom - Floral Fruity
Notes: sweet cherry, white raspberry, sharp mandarin
Sweet cherry blossoms build with mandarin and white raspberry. Bursting botanical.

Bright Mariposa Apricot - Floral
Notes: mariposa flower, tender violet, rich apricot
Silky mariposa flowers bloom with violet and juicy apricot. Brilliant bloom.

Lush Orchid Amber - Floral Amber
Notes: rich orchid, warm amber, fresh pear
Rich orchid petals blossom with amber and fresh pear. Lavish blossom.

Vibrant Blooming Passionfruit - Floral Fruits
Notes: sunny passionfruit, rich peach, creamy florals
Creamy floral buds burst with vivid passionfruit and peach. Vivid flourish.

Victoria's Secret Vivid Blooms Fragrances 2024
Victoria's Secret Spring Fragrance Collection 2024
Victoria's Secret Year of the Dragon bath and body collection

Year of the Dragon fragrances by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Limited Edition Year of the Dragon Fragrances
Celebrate the Lunar New Year with enchanting notes of rich amber, pink lychee, and bright bergamot. Welcome good forture with bright fruits and powerful petals."

Year of the Dragon fragrance collection

Neroli Bergamot - Fresh Floral
Neroli blossom. Bright bergamot. Warm cedarwood.

Peony Amber - Floral Amber
Peony flower. Rich amber. Juicy blackcurrant.

Rose Lychee - Floral Woody
Rose petals. Pink lychee. Patchouli musk.

Victoria's Secret Glistening Cove scent collection

Glistening Cove Fragrance Collection by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Glistening Cove Collection
Explore mesmerizing treasures as solar florals, sandy woods and sea-drenched fruits glint in underwater sunlight."

Gistening Cove perfumed mists & body lotions

Siren Serenade - ocean breeze and juicy apricot
Notes: ocean breeze, apricot, fresh watermelon
Iridescent pearls illuminate sunny starfruit and fresh watermelon. Under the sea.

Shimmering Shores - coconut sand and driftwood
Notes: coconut blooms, driftwood, vanilla orchid
Salty seas splash sandalwood and vanilla orchid. Discover the treasure.

Whispering Waves - sheer citrus and cactus water
Notes: sheer citrus, cactus water, ripe lemon
Ripe lemons zest passionfruit and sweet lily. Approaching the deep.

Aquatic Allure - sea salt and coastal jasmine
Notes: sea salt, costal jasmine, musk
Glistening waves spritz jasmine and airy musk. Embrace the tides.

The new Victoria's Secret Vivid Blooms, Glistening Cove and Year of the Dragron limited edition body collections are available in Fragrance Mist, $19.95 for 8.4 oz, and Fragrance Lotion, $19.95 for 8 oz. each.

(Source:, Jan. 2024)

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