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Victoria's Secret Holiday Fantasy Fragrances Fuchsia Fantasy fragrance collection

Holiday Fragrance Collection 2023 by Victoria's Secret - The seasonal collections are inspired by winter wonderland, candied plums, and night-time luxuries - and make a great stocking stuffers!. The limited edition scent collections include frosted florals in the Apres Snow (October 2023), warm embrace aromas in Gilded Gala (November 2023), and the sugary sweetness of Candied Fantasy (November 2023). Available in perfumed body mists and matching scented lotions.

Victoria's Secret Holiday Fantasy Fragrances
Fragrance Mists & Body Lotion Collection
$19.95 for 8.4 oz. each
Launched - Winter 2023
Victoria's Secret Apres Snow Collection 2023

Victoria's Secret Holiday Fantasy Fragrances - Fragrance Details

Victoria's Secret New! Apres Snow Collection
From slopeside to fireside, experience a winter chalet filled with notes of frozen berries, arctic coconut, and hot chocolate."

Aprés Snow Collection - The weather outside? Frightful. These new scents? So delightful. Hit the slopes (or the chalet) with a winter wonderland of frozen berries, arctic coconut, and hot chocolate.

Fragrance Mists & Scented Body Lotions

Frostmelt - Sweet Aromatic Gourmand
Notes: fresh mint, hot chocolate, whipped pistachio
Hot chocolate ignites mint and tonka. Warming the season's frost.

Nightsip - Woody Floral
Notes: violet petals, Champagne bubbles, toasted cedarwood
Champagne bubbles light up violet and cedar. Taking in the night.

Snowdrift - Fruity Floral
Notes: frozen berries, blooming jasmine, cool tangerine
Winter berries cool jasmine and tangerine. Dashing through the snow.

Sunslope - Woody Gourmand
Notes: icy coconut, glowing amber, warm musk
Arctic coconut freezes amber and musk. Exploring the sunlit mountains.

Victoria's Secret Holiday Fantasy Fragrances 2023
Victoria's Secret Gilded Gala bath and body collection

Gilded Gala fragrances by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Limited Edition Gilded Gala Fragrances
The luxury of party season. Mix and mingle with notes of blackberry espresso, bright ginger, and vanilla bourbon. Indulge the night away."

Gilded Gala fragrance collection

Ginger Apple Jewel - Fresh Fruit
Notes: bright ginger, musky apple, tart cranberry
Bright ginger mingles with apple musk and cranberry. A luminous atmosphere.

Santal Berry Silk - Fruity Woody
Notes: frothy sandalwood, blackberry espresso, aromatic almond
Frothy sandalwood luxuriates in blackberry espresso and almond. An opulent celebration.

Sugar Plum Fizz - Fruity Warm
Notes: sugared fig, cinnamon orange, delicate rose
Sugared fig dances with cinnamon orange and rose. A festive melody.

Vanilla Amber Bourbon - Vanilla Amber
Notes: vanilla amber, smooth bourbon, orchid petals
Vanilla amber stirs into smooth bourbon and orchid. An indulgent spirit.

Victoria's Secret Gilded Gala scent collection

The Candied Collection by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret The Candied Fantasy Collection
Festive and bright. An irresistibly nostalgic twist on your favorite scents with candied notes of peach gumdrop, plum swirl, and caramel ribbon."

Victoria's Secret The Candied Collection bath and body collection
The Candied Collection perfumed mists & lotions

Bare Vanilla Candied - Citrus Fruity Gourmand
Notes: plum swirl, sweet musk, pink sugar
Strawberry sprinkles. Marshmallow flower. A nostalgic twist on Bare Vanilla.

Love Spell Candied - Fruity Floral
Notes: peach gumdrop, crystallized muguet, candied cherry
Peach gumdrop. Crystallized muguet. A nostalgic twist on Love Spell.

Pure Seduction Candied - Citrus Fruity Gourmand
Notes: plum swirl, sweet musk, pink sugar
Plum swirl. Sweet musk. A nostalgic twist on Pure Seduction.

Velvet Petals Candied - Floral Gourmand
Notes: caramel ribbon, glazed petals, nutty praline
Caramel ribbon. Glazed petals. A nostalgic twist on Velvet Petals.

The new Victoria's Secret Holiday Fragrance Collection 2023 body collection is available in Fragrance Mist, $19.95 for 8.4 oz, and Fragrance Lotion, $19.95 for 8 oz. each, for a limited time.

(Source:, Nov. 2023)

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