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Victoria's Secret Elemental Escape Fragrances

Elemental Escape Collection by Victoria's Secret - Inspired by nature, this new spring scent collection launched by Victoria's Secret is a limited edition collection of fragrance mists and body lotions. The elemental notes of the outdoors include the fresh floral scent of Jasmine Rainfall, the fruity fresh aroma of Cool Blooms, a solar floral Warm Horizon breeze, and the floral citrus Lush Air scent.

Victoria's Secret Elemental Escape Fragrances
Fragrance Mists & Body Lotion Collection
$19.95 each for 8.4 oz. mist or 8 oz. lotion
Launched - January 2023
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Victoria's Secret Elemental Escape Fragrances - Fragrance Details

Victoria's Secret New! The Elemental ESCAPE Collection
Experience nature's wonders with a santuary of scents. A sanctuary of scents. Experience outside wonders with elemental notes of earthy blooms, solar woods, cool water, and fresh air.

Fragrance Mists & Body Lotions

Cool Blooms - Iced Melon. Mountian Blooms. Across the Earth.
Fruity Fresh - Notes: iced melon, mountain blooms, vanilla birchwood.

Jasmine Rainfall - Ivory Jasmine. Dewy Pear. Through the Water.
Fresh Floral: Notes: ivory jasmine, dewy pear, coconut water.

Lush Air - Lotus Flower. Salted Musk. Among the Breeze.
Floral Citrus - Notes: lotus flower, salted musk, citrus tonic.

Warm Horizon - Solar Tangertine. Plumeria Petals. Under the Sun.
Solar Floral - Notes: solar tangerine, plumeria petals, amber woods. (Jan. 2023)

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