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Victoria's Secret Summer Fantasy Fragrances Fuchsia Fantasy fragrance collection

Summer Fragrance Collection 2023 by Victoria's Secret - This summer collection of fragrance mists and scented body lotions from Victoria's Secret is inspired by radiant summer fruits, fresh garden florals, and the cozy warmth of cashmere. The new limited edition collections include the fruity florals in Fuchsia Fantasy (July 2023), warm weather scents in the Faded Coast collection (August 2023), and the warm embrace of the Cashmere Collection (September 2023). These new perfumed body mists and matching scented lotions are only available for a limited time, so stock up now!

Victoria's Secret Summer Fantasy Fragrances
Fragrance Mists & Body Lotion Collection
$19.95 for 8.4 oz. each
Launched - Summer 2023
Victoria's Secret Summer Fantasy Fragrances 2023

Victoria's Secret Summer Fantasy Fragrances - Fragrance Details

Victoria's Secret New! Fuchsia Fantasy Collection
Get lost in a pink kaleidoscope buzzing with succulent fruit and electric petals. A fantastically pink vision where succulent fruit overflows and electric petals buzz through a kaleidoscopic lens."

Fuchsia Fantasy is a new fruity floral fragrance collection for summer! This "pink kaleidoscope" of perfumes include the fresh floral scent of Petal Buzz, the fruity floral aroma of Nectar Pulse, a fruity gourmand Sugar Blur haze, and the fruity Berry Spill scent.

Fragrance Mists & Scented Body Lotions

Berry Spill - Fruity
Notes: juicy strawberry, blood orange, blonde woods
Strawberry so juicy, it overflows. Sparkling with orange and blonde woods.

Nectar Pulse - Fruity Floral
Notes: peony nectar, effervescent musk, crushed blackberry
Peony nectar so bright, it vibrates. Bursting with musk and crushed blackberry.

Petal Buzz - Fresh Floral
Notes: blooming rosebud, ripe grapefruit, pink pepper
A rosebud so fresh, it's electric. Ripened with grapefruit and pink pepper.

Sugar Blur - Fruity Gourmand
Notes: vanilla sugar, bright amber, sheer raspberry
Vanilla sugar so whipped, it's hazy. Floating with amber and sheer raspberry.

Victoria's Secret Summer Fantasy Fragrances 2023

Faded Coast fragrances by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Faded Coast collection

Victoria's Secret Limited Edition Faded Coast Fragrances
Summer or Fall? Both. Our NEW scents capture the bliss of glistening water, bonfire nights and more. Where summer heat meets fall chill. Coast through the seasons with notes of crisp pear, salted petals, and iced coffee."

Victoria's Secret Faded Coast bath and body collection
Faded Coast fragrance collection

Autumn Shore - Woody Gourmand
Notes: vanilla smoke, iced coffee, smooth sandalwood
Bonfire night. Vanilla smoke melts iced coffee.

Beach Chill - Fruity Floral
Notes: crisp pear, muguet petals, radiant vanilla
Glistening water. Crisp pear brightens muguet petals.

Cedar Breeze - Fresh Aromatic
Notes: dewy rosemary, glowing cedarwood, salted air
Salty coast. Dewy rosemary freshens glowing cedarwood.

Sunrise Waves - Floral Warm
Notes: sparkling amber, orange blossom, brisk bergamot
Misty morning. Sparkling amber heats orange blossom.

The Cashmere Collection by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret The Cashmere Collection

Victoria's Secret The Cashmere Collection
Cozy season is here and your favorite scents are wrapped up in soft, rich notes of plush vanilla, pillowy petals, and whipped meringue. Soft and rich. Your favorite scents get wrapped with notes of plush vanilla, pillow petals, and whipped meringue. Feels like fall warmth."

Victoria's Secret The Cashmere Collection bath and body collection
The Cashmere Collection perfumed mists & lotions

Bare Vanilla Cashmere - Floral Gourmand Chypre
Notes: plush patchouli, vanilla orchid
Plush patchouli. Vanilla orchid. All wrapped up in Bare Vanilla.

Love Spell Cashmere - Fruity Floral
Notes: rich nectarine, fluffy marshmallow
Rich nectarine. Fluffy marshmallow. All wrapped up in Love Spell.

Pure Seduction Cashmere - Plush Fruity Floral
Notes: whipped meringue, decadent berries
Whipped meringue. Decadent berries. All wrapped up in Pure Seduction.

Velvet Petals Cashmere - Vanilla Gourmand
Notes: toasted sugar, blond woods
Toasted sugar. Blonde woods. All wrapped up in Velvet Petals.

The new Victoria's Secret Summer Fragrance Collection 2023 body collection is available in Fragrance Mist, $19.95 for 8.4 oz, and Fragrance Lotion, $19.95 for 8 oz. each, for a limited time.

(Source:, Sept. 2023)

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