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Bath & Body Works Fall Scent Guide New Fragrances

Fall Scent Guide by Bath & Body Works - Snuggle up with the new 2023 fall fragrance collection from Bath and Body Works. This limited edition of seasonal scents include apples and pumpkins sprinkled with some new autumn aromas, and two new perfumes. Go ahead and slather yourself with classic fall favorites like Sweather Weather, Sunrise Woods, Champagne Apple and Honey, and new scents like Chasing Fireflies and Manhattan Nightcap. Available now in in eau de parfum, fine fragrance mists, body lotions, shower gels, and hand soaps. Get ready for cooler weather with this fabulous fall fragrance collection. Then check out the Spook-tacular Halloween scents!

Bath & Body Works Fall Scent Guide 2023

New Fall Fragrances 2023

Chasing Fireflies - NEW
Fruity yet floral with a dash of enchantment. Fragrance notes: golden pear, jasmine blooms and illuminated woods.

Manhattan Nightcap - NEW
Late-night drinks when you don't want the night to end. Fragrance notes: black santal, sweet brandy, cherry wood.

Dream Bright - NEW
Floral-fruity fragrance dream come true - brilliant, unforgettable and bold. Fragrance notes: sapphire berries, night-blooming orchid and crystalized vanilla.

Copper Fields - NEW
Golden hour in a field of flowers. Fragrance notes: harvest sun, fresh wildflowers, bronzed woods.

Together Weather - NEW
Quality time with your favorite person. Fragrance notes: blushing breeze, sugared cardamom, soft cedar.

Fresh Vanilla Blossoms - NEW
A comforting, cozy classic. Fragrance notes: sueded petals, soft sandalwood, vanilla bean.

Cozy Vanilla Bourbon - NEW
Warm, soothing and inviting. Fragrance notes: warm bourbon, dark fruit, vanilla liqueur.

Champagne Apple & Honey - Fall Favorite
Sipping bubbly drinks in the apple orchard. Fragrance notes: pink lady apple, sparkling champagne and autumn woods.

Moonlit Martini - Fall Favorite
A night full of playful possibilities. Fragrance notes: vibrant fruit, sparkling gin, midnight musk.

Sweet Whiskey
A sweet, adventurous spirit with a fruity finish. Fragrance notes: golden amber, vanilla-infused whiskey, sweet red berries.

Sunrise Woods - Fall Favorite
The lingering sweet, woodsy air on your sweater after an early morning forest walk. Fragrance notes: creamy sandalwood, sweet berries, cozy cashmere.

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte - Fall Favorite
A frothy, sweet, seasonal coffee shop specialty. Fragrance notes: pumpkin latte, toasted marshmallows, creamy sandalwood and praline musk.

Pumpkin Cupcake - Fall Favorite
A decadently sweet, perfectly spiced fall treat. Fragrance notes: baked pumpkin, whipped vanilla frosting and golden honey.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - Fall Favorite
A nutty, sweet fall breakfast treat. Fragrance notes: maple syrup, golden waffles, pumpkin spice, brown sugar

Wild Sand - NEW
A sun-drenched desert getaway. Fragrance notes: prickly pear fruit, cactus flower and warm agave nectar.

Endless Sea - NEW
A peaceful ocean getaway. Fragrance notes: fresh bergamot, saltwater lily and ocean driftwood.

Underwater Oasis - NEW
Fresh blooms by the beach. Fragrance notes: sparkling bergamot, jasmine and blue musk.

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The fall fragrance collection from Bath & Body Works is available in Fine Fragrance Mist, Ultimate Hydration Body Cream, Daily Nourishing Body Lotion, Whipped Body Butter, Foaming Sugar Body Scrub, and Body Wash ($14.95 - $18.95), Cologne and Eau de Parfum spray ($44.95 - $54.95).

Bath & Body Works Fall Scent Guide New Hand Soaps

New Fall Hand Soap Collection

The Bath & Body Works Fall hand soap collection is available in Gentle Foaming Hand Soap and Gentle Gel Hand Soap ($7.95 - $8.95) in the following NEW seasonal fragrances.

Sugared Maple Lane - warm, sugary goodness in the morning. Fragrance notes: maple drizzle, warm citrus sunshine and brown sugar.
Champagne Apple & Honey
Autumn Foliage - a scenic drive on a winding mountain road. Fragrance notes: fresh fallen leaves, misty air and autumn cedarwood.
White Orchid Woods - a marriage of floral and woodsy elegance. Fragrance notes: frosted orchids, bright bergamot and white woods.
Green Cypress Trails - an earthy, morning hike through the trees. Fragrance notes: cypress forests, eucalyptus and chilled breeze.
Warm Amber & Cedar - a comforting, woodsy floral blend. Fragrance notes: smooth amber, evening jasmine and cedar air.
Bergamot & Turmeric - the perfect view of a golden sunset. Fragrance notes: golden turmeric, bergamot and fresh ginger.
Red Cherry & Oud - a farmers market stand with the freshest berries. Fragrance notes: dark red cherries, agave drizzle and oud wood.
Basil Leaf & Apple - walking through an apple orchard on an early fall morning. Fragrance notes: crisp apple, fresh-picked basil and morning dew.
Mountainside Mist - an early morning hike, fresh dew still grazing the landscape. Fragrance notes: chilled open air, fresh musk and juniper berries.
Rose & Amber - a garden stroll with a calming nature backdrop. Fragrance notes: soft rose petals, warm amber and rich vanilla.
Sea & Sandstone - the soothing ocean waves crashing against seaside rocks. Fragrance notes: salted sea spray, warm sandstone and golden driftwood.

B&BW has launched refillable foaming hand soap dispensers ($19.95) and 32 oz. refill cartons in fan favorite scents ($13.95).

Bath & Body Works New Halloween fragrance collection
Spooktacula New Halloween Scent Collection

The Bath & Body Works 2023 halloween scents are available in Fine Fragrance Mist, Diamond Shimmer Mist, Shower Gel, Ultimate Hydration Body Cream, and new Shimmer Fizz Body Lotion ($13.50 - $17.95), Gentle & Clean Foaming Hand Soap ($7.95), and matching home fragrances in the following seasonal fragrances.

Everlasting Magic - NEW - strolling through an enchanted garden on a starry night. Fragrance notes: bejeweled berries, phantom petals and magic musk.
Midnight Spell - NEW - an enchanted walk in the woods. Fragrance notes: mystic air, moonlit woods and crystal amber.
Moonlit Graveyard - NEW - earthy, moody and oh-so-spooky. Fragrance notes: tombstone moss, cold foggy air and eerie incense. Also available in home fragrances.
Ghoul Friend - Seasonal Favorite - bright, fruity and simply fa-boo-lous. Fragrance notes: dark strawberries, ghostly peony and spine chilling citrus.
Pumpkin Carving - Seasonal Favorite - a sweet, spiced, pumpkin-y shift from cool fall days to dark, spooky nights. Fragrance notes: freshly carved pumpkin, spiced pumpkin seeds and smooth brown sugar.
Purrfect Pumpkin - Seasonal Favorite - delightfully sweet with a mischievous side. Fragrance notes: carved pumpkin, spooky cinnamon and moonlight vanilla.
Vampire Blood - Seasonal Favorite - equal parts fruity, floral and frightful. Fragrance notes: red berries, night-blooming jasmine and plum.

(Source:, Sept. 2023)

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