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Bath & Body Works Fall Candles 2023

Fall Candles by Bath & Body Works - A new scented candles and home fragrance collection inspired by the fall season is now available in scented candles, scented oils, and room sprays. This autumn harvest of scents includes decadent gourmand aromas like Pumpkin Snickerdoodle, Autumn Chai, Pumpkin Apple, and NEW Praline Delight, and Apricot and Green Fig. Warm up your home for fall with this new home fragrance collection, and enjoy the frightfully delicious halloween scents.

Gather Around the Table - Feel-good fall memories (and fragrances) right this way."

Bath & Body Works fall candles 2023

Fall Candles Collection 2023

NEW Single Wick & 3-Wick Candles

Apricot & Green Fig - fresh, fruity and elegant. Fragrance notes: apricot, sandalwood, lush fig and creamy coconut.
Praline Delight - a nutty, sweet sliver of heaven. Fragrance notes: roasted pecans, brown sugar and creamy caramel.
Fall Forest - a tranquil walk through the woods. Fragrance notes: forest pine needles, woodland moss and chilly fall air.
Midnight Cocktails - the corner table at your favorite speak-easy. Fragrance notes: rich cedarwood, spiced clove and dark tobacco.
Whiskey Reserve - a well-deserved drink after a day of apple picking. Fragrance notes: crisp apple, single malt whiskey and white oak.
Smoked Caramel Mezcal - the perfect balance of sweet and smoky. Fragrance notes: a generous pour of smoky mezcal, caramel drizzle and a cinnamon sugar rim.
Spiced Blackberry Cider - a spicy autumn cocktail. Fragrance notes: mulled blackberries, simmered cider and a cinnamon stick garnish.
Prickly Pear Sangria - a refreshing reward after a hike through the desert. Fragrance notes: prickly pear syrup, white wine and freshly sliced fruit infusions.

Fall Favorites Scented Candles

Autumn Chai - a comforting, warm cup of chai on a chilly morning. Fragrance notes: cinnamon chai, french vanilla froth and smooth caramel.
Cranberry Orange Seltzer - a bright, sweet, sparkling alternative to traditional holiday punch. Fragrance notes: fresh orange, sugared cranberries and fizzy seltzer water.
Sweet Whiskey - a sweet, adventurous spirit with a fruity finish. Fragrance notes: golden amber, vanilla infused whiskey and sweet red berries.
Mountain Teakwood - waking up in a cozy cabin&emdash;refreshing and woodsy. Fragrance notes: crisp mountain air, rich teakwood and a touch of fresh eucalyptus.
Walk In The Woods - a scenic hike through a wooded forest. Fragrance notes: forest cedarwood, crisp patchouli and dark peppercorns.
White Pumpkin Oakwood - a gorgeous fall hike meets the pumpkin patch - sweet, woodsy and fruity. Fragrance notes: fresh picked white pumpkin, smooth sandalwood and spiced pear.
Spiced Pumpkin & Patchouli - the sweet, spiced pumpkin you'd expect with earthy, herbal undertones. Fragrance notes: rich pumpkin, warm patchouli and a touch of cinnamon sugar.
Pumpkin Snickerdoodle - the fall version of the warm, sweet treat you know and love. Fragrance notes: warm sugar cookies, ground cinnamon, fresh nutmeg and sprinkled with sugar.
Pumpkin Apple - the best of both iconic fall scents. Fragrance notes: red delicious apple, fall pumpkin, fresh ground cinnamon and clove buds.
White Pumpkin - a spicy, modern twist on the classic pumpkin. Fragrance notes: gingered white pumpkin, caramel glaze and blended spices.

The Bath & Body Works candles are crafted from a wax blend infused with essential oils. All candles feature a lead-free wick. The single wick candles sell for $17.95 (7 oz.) while 3-wick candles sell for $26.95 (14.5 oz.).

Wallflower Fragrance Refills - Autumn Scent Collection 2023

New Scented Oils

Freshly Brewed Coffee - your favorite morning pick-me-up. Fragrance notes: freshly brewed coffee and steamed milk.
Cozy Sunday Night - sugar, spice and all things nice on a Sunday. Fragrance notes: warm cinnamon, crystallized ginger and vanilla bean.

The Wallflower scented oils from Bath & Body Works are infused with essential oils to freshen the air up to 30 days. They sell for $7.95 (0.8 oz.) and are used with the Wallflowers Fragrance Plug, sold separately.

Bath & Body Works New Halloween fragrance collection
Frightfully Delicious Halloween Home Fragrances

The Bath & Body Works 2023 halloween scents are available in Scented Candles, Wallflowers Fragrance Refill, Concentrated Room Spray, and Car Fragrance Refill in the following seasonal fragrances.

Moonlit Graveyard - NEW - earthy, moody and oh-so-spooky. Fragrance notes: tombstone moss, cold foggy air and eerie incense. Also available in bath and body collection.
Ghoul Friend - Seasonal Favorite - bright, fruity and simply fa-boo-lous. Fragrance notes: dark strawberries, ghostly peony and spine chilling citrus.
Pumpkin Carving - Seasonal Favorite - a sweet, spiced, pumpkin-y shift from cool fall days to dark, spooky nights. Fragrance notes: freshly carved pumpkin, spiced pumpkin seeds and smooth brown sugar.
Vampire Blood - Seasonal Favorite - equal parts fruity, floral and frightful. Fragrance notes: red berries, night-blooming jasmine and plum.

(Source: bathandbodyworks.com, Sept. 2023)

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