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Gucci by Gucci - eau de parfum for women

Gucci by Gucci - "A rich, soulful chypre scent charmed by exotic notes and warm florals, Gucci by Gucci conveys a sense of luxury and decadence. The signature fragrance for the accomplished, modern woman. It exudes a powerful allure. A modern chypre, Frida Giannini's first fragrance creation combines classical perfumery with her unique flair for innovation. The fragrance is characterized by a striking patchouli base which is distinctive and leaves a lasting impression."

Perfume House   Gucci
Introduced 2007
Tagline --
Scent Classification Chypre Floral
Perfumer Ilias Ermenidis
Fragrance Notes Guava, pear (top); Tahitian tiare flower (heart); Patchouli, musk, honey (base)
Package Designer Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci
Print/TV Campaign Freja Beha Erichsen, Raquel Zimmermann, Natasha Poly (models)
Available Products Gucci by Gucci - Eau de Parfum 1oz ($60), 1.7oz ($85), 2.5oz ($100)
Gucci by Gucci - Body Lotion 6.8oz ($50)
Gucci by Gucci - Shower Gel 6.8oz
Gucci by Gucci - Deodorant Spray 3.3oz

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The Fragrance
Top Note: The top of the fragrance emerges with an unexpected and exotic blend of guava and pear, brining uniqueness and modernity.

Heart Note: The heart adds a rich, sensual femininity with the Tahitian Tiare flower brining balance to an unconventional bouquet.

Base Note: Musky notes and honey add sensuality and warmth to the strength of the patchouli.

The Design

The Flacon
Taking inspiration from the House's rich history and its new feminine outlook, the Gucci by Gucci flacon was designed to capture the true spirit of the house's traditions, whilst conveying a sensual and warm modernity. The symbols of Gucci's beginnings, now legendary, have become true icons in the luxury world.

Discover the icons
The Horsebit
The horsebit was first written into the house vocabulary in the Fifties, used on heavy tan leather saddle-stitched handbags. Since then, the horsebit has been both miniaturised and maximised as hardware; luxuriously schemed into embossed or burned-our surfaces on leather sueded and velvet; turned into repeat patterns printed on silk and sculpted into the components of precious jewelry.

The horsebit played a crucial role in marking out the Gucci loafer as a time-traversing design classic. The horsebit was introduced as a decoration on the soft and comfortable brown or black leather Gucci men's moccasins in 1953. They graced the feet of Clark Gable, John Wayne and Fred Astaire, and when women's versions appeared in 1968, became the choice of sophisticated women looking for a luxurious kind of comfort. The shoes became favourite everyday wear for elegant women such as Lauren Bacall.

In new times, Frida Giannini looks at the horsebit with fresh eyes. She might take the prints of interlocking, squared-off bits, from the highly fashionable red and blue Gucci pattern used for shoulder bags, shoes and silk blouses in 1969-1970, and project them, in mini-form, onto flowing dresses or blown up to exaggerated scale on travel-totes. With new style, a new feminine touch, that counts as the current instalment in the long-running serial of Gucci design.

The Script
Based on Guccio Gucci's original signature, the Gucci Script appeared on Gucci products for the first time in the late 1940s. Initially is was used alone on the labels inside bags and luggage or directly embossed on the leather.

The Web
The idea - simple and strong and amazingly enduring - came out of the stable. Based on the strip of canvas webbing used to secure a saddle to the back of a horse, the green-red-green colour combination of the was was settled upon as an unswerving house standard sometime in the early Fifties. A six-inch vertical strip of the web was implanted, centre-front, in the prototype "Jackie O" bag of 1961 - a design trick that had been applied to distinguish Gucci suitcases since the Fifties. It has been used as straps for shoulder bags ever since the Sixties; for signature belts and trimmings on clothes - from tan Seventies A-line skirts to 21st century bikinis, becoming a shorthand signifier of Gucci's visual identity.

Source: (Sept. 2011)

Advertising Campaign

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Gucci by Gucci Eau de Parfum
Gucci - Freja Beha Erichsen, 2007
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Gucci by Gucci Eau de Parfum
Gucci - Freja Beha Erichsen, 2007
Gucci by Gucci perfumes
Gucci by Gucci Perfume
Gucci - Natasha Poly, 2007
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Gucci by Gucci Perfume
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