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New Fall Fragrances by Yankee Candle - A collection of scented candles in fall inspired aromas. Eight new home fragrances include Autumn Pearl (orchid, vanilla, freesia), Enchanted Moon (peony, juniper, teak), Luscious Pumpkin Trifle (cinnamon, vanilla cake, cream, pumpkin), Poached Pear Flambé (pear, caramel, vanilla), Spiced Berry Sangria (berries, apple, cinnamon, ginger), Sugared Cinnamon Apple (apple, cinnamon, vanilla), Sun-Kissed Thistle (citrus, apple, fir), and Tranquil Mist (fresh air, cotton, cashmere, musk). Launched in July 2018 and available in classic jar, tumbler, tea lights, and votives candles, melt cups, and wax tarts.

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Fragrance House Yankee Candle
Introduced Summer 2018
Products Yankee Candle - Scented Candles / $2 - $29.50

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Yankee Candle Fall Fragrances

New Fragrances

Autumn Pearl - Candles - Pale Gray
A creamy blend of lush orchid, vanilla, and delicate freesia sweetened with a swirl of sugar.

Enchanted Moon - Candles - Burgundy
A still, clear, moonlit night made magical with hints of juniper, peony and teak.

Luscious Pumpkin Trifle - Candles - Cream
A mouthwatering temptation of vanilla cake, cinnamon, sweet cream and pumpkin.

Poached Pear Flambe - Candles - Yellow
Juicy pear, fresh peeled and ready to delight in a bath of caramel colored brandy.
Top - Pear Nectar, Crystalized Sugar | Mid - Honey, Caramel | Base - Whipped Vanilla, Fruity Musk

Spiced Berry Sangria - Candles - Red
A refreshing treat - sangria spiked with berries, apple, cinnamon stick, and ginger.

Sugared Cinnamon Apple - Candles - Red Orange
Scrumptious cinnamon apple with a taste of whipped vanilla frosting.
Top - Apple Slices | Mid - Cinnamon Cider, Sugar | Base - Fresh Vanilla, Nutmeg, Crushed Clove

Sun-Kissed Thistle - Candles - Orange
Perfect fall centerpiece - a warm scent of sharp citrus, apple, and fir needle.

Tranquil Mist - Candles - Blue Gray
A cool, calming blend of fresh air, clean cotton, supple cashmere, and white musk.
Top - Fresh Air, Rose Water, Lavender | Mid - Cashmere Accord, Clean Cotton | Base - White Musk, Sandalwood

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