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Heart & Soul
"I wanted it to be fresh and clean, but still sexy and sensual - something that feels like you just came out of the shower and you are the sexiest person in the world." -Jennifer Lopez

GLOW by JLO is Jennifer Lopez's first fragrance to bear her name. Here, she gives you her take on the inspiration that went into creating her first fragrance.

Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Lopez
Q: How would you describe the fragrance?
JL: It's very simple. Three words: fresh-sexy-clean. That sums up the fragrance, and it describes what I want for myself.

Q: How does the fragrance represent you?
JL: It's very much about me, because it represents everything I've loved ever since I was very young-fresh, clean, simple, sensual things. Things like fresh air, the breeze coming in through the window, the ocean, summer sunshine. People might have expected a Jennifer Lopez fragrance to be more musky, more overtly sexy, but GLOW by JLO is much more the real me, rather than the two-dimensional image you see on screen or in a magazine.

Q: How much input did you have into the development of GLOW by JLO? How was the fragrance composed?
JL: GLOW by JLO is basically a combination of my favorite scents. I wanted it to be fresh and clean, but still sexy and sensual-something that feels like you just came out of the shower and you are the sexiest person in the world.

The rhythm and sensuality of music.
The radiance of a young woman.
Capturing angelic, glistening sensuality.

GLOW by JLO...the collection
Eau de Toilette: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml
Shower Gel 200ml, Body Lotion 200ml

Hot Spot
For the GLOW by JLO campaign, we wanted to capture the excitement of being young and happy - in a state of mind where anything is possible. But at the same time, it needed to convey that feeling of fresh-sexy-clean.

It had to get to the fragrance, so people could "see" the angelic sexiness of GLOW by JLO.
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Body Glow by JLO collection

Body GLOW by JLO Collection
Each body product formula contains a fresh, energizing vitamin cocktail of fresh oranges and lemons and a delicious anti-oxidant, vanilla while grapefruit exfoliates and jasmine softens.

The Firming Curve Cream remodels your body with glycoprotein extracts, the face and body powder adds the shimmering finish and the Renewing Body Exfoliator buffs away dull skin leaving a healthy glow. Finishing off the collection, the Bronzing Body Moisturizer restores your body's natural radiance.

All-Over Shimmer Powder Brush
Never forget the finishing touch.
Brush on the bronze for a sexy, head to toe body glow! Highlight everywhere the sun shines for a beautifying-bronze or dust this shimmering powder on cheeks and nose for a simple facial pick-me-up.

A ritual you don't want to forget: highlight your skin from head to toe with an easy-to-use brush that gives all over bronze beauty, or dust the simmering powder on cheeks and nose for a simle facial pick-me-up. A new body "accessory" that fits in your handbag or in your pocket. A star's beauty secret to be used wherever you want...whenever you want.

Apply it along the sides of your stomach and under your belly button to define and continue your abs. For an over-the-top effect, apply on hair.

Firming Curve Cream
This moisture-rich cream visibly improves skin texture and resilience with use and helps minimize the appearance of sponginess in cellulite-prone areas. Natural sources of Vitamin C and Pro-Vitamin A work overtime to pamper your skin while caffeine extracts help define smooth curves.

Changes in your skin's elasticity can be noticeable in as little as 2 weeks.

Discover a moisture-filled cream with a rich, velvet texture, the Kola nut extract, with its high-powered effects, will help tone and tighten skin. High-performance caffeine extract helps define smooth curves while natural sources of vitamin C and pro-vitamin A help the process of protection against free radicals.

Apply morning and evening and always with circular motions for optimized benefits.

Bronzing Body Moisturizer
Restore your natural radiance with a blend of protective vanilla, sensual essential cils and a touch of bronze sunlight. Natural sources of Vitamin C help improve skin resiliency and to protect against damaging free radicals. Let your body be the star and treat it to the perfect beauty ritual for a sun kissed, sexy glow all year round...

A sexy golden body and a pampering formula for your skin. It's all about sensuality, pleasure and immediate results from a high-performance formula. Beautify your skin with oh! So natural radiance with this lightweight, fast-penetrating lotion. Use it whenever you want that special, irresistible "glow".

Apply on areas that are naturally exposed to the sun like the nose, cheekbones, and hairline. Smooth this replenishing lotion on your entire body for a sexy, summer glow year-round.

Renewing Body Exfoliator
Gentle preparation for healthier skin...

Buff away dull skin and make way for a healthy glow. Natural grains of apricot and skin polishing grapefruit extracts gently exfoliate to let softer, smoother skin shine through. This gentle blend of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) and brightening botanical extracts is a must for every shower or bath you take.

Enjoy immediate skin radiance with this fresh, exfoliating gel. Gentle enough to be used every day in the shower or bath for smoother, softer feeling skin.

Use wet or dry for optimal skin brightening benefits.

(Source:, April 7, 2005)

Glow by JLO

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