New Perfumes Released in 2017

New Perfumes Released in 2017

Latest Fragrance Releases
Our list of perfumes and fragrances released in 2017. Perfumes, bath and body, and home fragrances.

Updated 02/24/20

Fragrance Articles & Editorials

New Modern Floral Perfumes New Modern Floral Perfumes
A fresh new batch of floral fragrances have made the Beauty "Pick" in this month's InStyle magazine, from Tiffany & Co.'s first perfume to the eau de toilette version of YSL Mon Paris, check out these modern florals.

The New Fragrance Frontier The New Fragrance Frontier
Allure editor, Liana Schaffner, takes us on a journey through The New Fragrance Frontier in this July perfume article. A movement composed of independent, homegrown perfumers is reshaping the fragrance landscape.

Intoxicating Perfumes Intoxicating Perfumes
Cosmo assistant beauty editor, Kate Foster, links the latest perfumes with some intoxicating drinks in this summer-fun article in the July issue.

Foraged Fragrance Notes Foraged Fragrance Notes
Environmental journalist, Kate Jenkins, takes a hike with Juniper Ridge founder, Hall Newbegin, to forage for earthy fragrance notes in this "Into the Wild" article for Marie Claire magazine.

New Perfume Rollerballs New Perfume Rollerballs
The latest perfumes come in purse-friendly (cost and size) rollerballs. Check out the latest stash of fragrances to "roll" out this season.

Fragrance Around the World Fragrance Around the World
Allure beauty editor, Loren Savini, studies the beauty routines of ladies from all over the world. Here are their fragrance choices.

Rogue Perfumers Rogue Perfumers
Francis Kurkdjian, a rogue perfumer himself, explores the world of professional "noses" that think outside the box - and because of that have brought us some of the world's most celebrated fragrances.

Beautiful Perfumes are Like Wine Beautiful Perfumes are Like Wine
Perfumes are analyzed by sommelier Sarah Clarke in this Marie Claire magazine article. The aroma and mood eliciting effects of fragrance are similar to those of a great wine.

Launching Scent Families Launching Scent Families
Author and writer Alexandra Kleeman takes us into her journey of discovery with a new article for Vogue describing the new trend in perfumery of creating scent collections rather that just singlular perfumes.

Burlesque Beauty Inspiration Burlesque Beauty Inspiration
This beauty inspiration article featured in the February Marie Claire magazine is inspired by burlesque queen, Dita Von Teese.

Sexy Date-Night Fragrances Sexy Date-Night Fragrances
Cosmo's beauty editor pairs up today's hottest male models with this season's sexiest date-night perfumes... Enjoy ladies (again)!

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