Flower of the Month - Poppy Fragrances

August is Poppy month...

Smell the Poppies

The poppy in Greek and Roman mythology was an offering to the dead, symbolizing the "eternal sleep". Remember the magical poppy field in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz threatening Dorothy to sleep forever. However, the bright red color of the poppy also signifies the resurrection after death. The red corn poppy has become the Rememberance Day symbol of soldiers who have died during wartime which stems from the trench warfare fought in the red poppy fields at Flanders during WWI. Medicinal uses of opium are derived from the poppy, and the seeds which contain both codeine and morphine are used to relieve pain.

Poppy is a flower species known as papaver from the Papaveraceae family. The poppy grows in a variety of sizes, smells, and colors ranging from white, pink, yellow, orange, blue, and the most commonly recognized red poppy. They have very dark, often black, centers and can grow as large as 6 inches across and 4 feet tall. They bloom from late spring to early summer, and have relatively little scent.

In honor of the month of August, we pay homage to the Poppy.

Flower by Kenzo perfume
Flower by Kenzo

floral oriental - 1.7oz EDP / $75
Wonderstruck Enchanted Taylor Swift perfume
Wonderstruck Enchanted Taylor Swift

oriental gourmand - 1.7oz EDP / $60
Peace Love and Juicy Couture perfume
Peace, Love & Juicy Couture

floral - 1.7oz EDP / $67
Benefit Maybe Baby perfume
Benefit Maybe Baby

fruity floral - 1.7oz EDT / $32
Calvin Klein CK One Shock perfume
Calvin Klein CK One Shock

floral oriental - 1.7oz EDT / $40
Lucky Brand Lucky You perfume
Lucky Brand Lucky You

floral - 1.7oz EDT / $23
Bodycology Wild Poppy bath and body fragrance
Bodycology Wild Poppy

bath & body / $4-6
Victoria's Secret Sky Bright bath and body fragrance
Victoria's Secret Sky Bright

bath & body / $10-12

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