Foraged Fragrance Notes

Environmental journalist, Kate Jenkins, takes a hike with Juniper Ridge founder, Hall Newbegin, to forage for earthy fragrance notes in this "Into the Wild" article for Marie Claire magazine.

Excerpts from a fragrance editorial, Global Beauty - Fragrance Files: Into the Wild, in Marie Claire May 2017 issue.

Foraging for Fragrance Notes in California

Into the Wild

The latest trend in perfume: foraged fragrance notes that evoke the Earth's most awe-inspiring destinations. Kate Jenkins tags along for a wilderness harvest.
-- Kate Jenkins, Journalist | Learn more @

"Even after you've become accustomed to the background bouquet of Steep Ravine, a pocket of old-growth redwoods in California's Marin County, it's shocking how a simple turn of the head can cause a new scent to collide with the senses. ...each step is in search of a new delight; sphagnum moss, California sagebrush, mushrooms that have sprung up after a copious rain. ...

"Hall Newbegin, founded of the California-based wilderness fragrance company Juniper Ridge, wants to collect it all. ... Juniper Ridge; niche brands like Rain, Raw Spirit, and Vilda Växter; and even some big-name fragrance houses are pivoting away from traditional, high-fashion perfumery toward a different concept: bottling the essence of place. "The future of fragrance, I think, is not complex and high-tech; it's about going back to basics," says Newbegin. He thinks the trend has something to do with, a collective craving for nature - or as he puts it "the real stuff" - now that our lives are so digital and we're surrounded by synthetics. In pursuit of this authenticity, many companies use natural extracts foraged from the locations they are trying to re-create. ..."

Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge Field Lab

Juniper Ridge's Field Lab

Juniper Ridge Winter Redwood Perfume

Juniper Ridge
Winter Redwood

$45 for 1 oz - Winter Redwood
Organic ingredients: Jojoba oil, Essential oils
"Scent Notes: Redwood needle, composted leaf litter, wet dirt harvested in secret Redwood canyons, oak, sea mist, cold creek water, wood smoke in the cool evening air."
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Namib Desert

Namib Desert, South Africa

Rain Africa Twig Perfume

Rain Africa

$95 for 50ml - Twig
"Twig opens with a hint of cool breeze from a fynbos mountain fringed with a citrus orchard and fields of lavender. The fresh beginning warms on the skin to reveal a heady floral theme underpinned by spicy notes of cedar. As the fragrance deepens, it surrenders the resinous sweetness of the Namibian omumbiri, the treasure of the Himba people, as well as smoky muhuhu from East Africa and a honey scented labden blended with vetiver, oak moss and patchouli."
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Sandalwood Trees

Sandalwood Tree

Raw Spirit Wild Fire Fragrance

Raw Spirit
Wild Fire

$175 for 3.4 oz - Wild Fire Eau de Parfum
"Inspired by the intoxicating scent of the Western Australian outback in the intense heat of summer. The dry air tingles as wild fires threaten. A seductive dry, woodsy scent which blends premium wild-harvested Australian sandalwood with creamy amber and floral notes of ylang ylang, jasmine petals, cedarwood and musk."
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Boreal Forest, Sweden

Boreal Forest, Sweden

Vilda Vaxter Wild Mountain Perfume

Vilda Vaxter
Wild Mountain

$25 for 10 ml - Wild Mountain Foraged Perfume
"A little piece of the wild: natural perfume made with cold pressed organic jojoba oil infused with wild juniper and pine shoots, sticky pine pitch and fresh plant extracts. Alchemy in a bottle."
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(Jenkins, Kate. "Global Beauty: Fragrance Files - Into the Wild." Marie Claire May 2017: 52-54)

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