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Excerpts from editorial "Gift Guide" in Cosmopolitan Magazine Decembuary 2019/2020 by Rachel Torgerson.

Cosmopolitan uses the "Cosmos" to help us with our gift giving this holiday season. Use your special someone's Sun Sign to find that perfect present.

Sun Sign inspired Gift Guide

The only gift guide that knows exactly what everyone wants. Flip to your friend's Sun sign and shop...this astrologically tailored list. JSYK, our roundup of astro-inspired prezzies is one of our most popular web stories Every. Single. Year. because it's that creepily accurate.

Dior J'adore Gelee

DIOR J'adore Gelee d'Or Shimmering Body Oil
Fruity Floral - Ylang ylang, damask rose, sambac jasmine, tuberose
$48 @


The -stars- are making Aries hyperfocused on career and self-image right now (get yours, girl), so practical gifts - like a new coffee machine that will jolt them awake during weekdays or some profesh-looking red booties - will get the biggest (and most sincere) thank-yous.

Eau de Juice Pure Sugar

Fruity Floral - Strawberry, pink grapefruit, plum blossom, pink pepper, jasmine sambac, praline
$55 @


Our Taurean friends are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. So it's in everyone's best interest to give them things, including but not limited to chic bags, delish-smelling spritzes, and silk pillowcases that'll keep their hair and skin on point.

Cosmopolitan Love Potions book

Cosmopolitan Love Potions
Book - Magickal recipes to find your person, ignite passion, and get over your ex
$13 @


Y'all know our sweet Gems, with all their diverse interests, are not the easiest to shop for - but they do love learning, and ATM, they're particularly excited about spirituality and the occult. So... give 'em books! Especially ones about mysterious potions. Also: tarot cards.

Chanel No.5 L'Eau Fresh Lotion

Chanel No.5 L'Eau Fresh Lotion & In-Shower Gel
Floral - Lemon, mandarin orange, neroli, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, cedar, musk, sandalwood
$45 each @


Shouting for the people in the back: A generic gift won't cut it for Cancers. But if you just can't think of a cute inside-joke prezzie, for for home decor. Nothing's more important to a crab than feeling nice and nested.

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume
Floral - Floral notes from the Mirsalehi Bee Garden honey blend
$80 @


In December, lion bbs are thinking about their daily routines and work obligations (womp). Anything fitness-y (hey, cute sneakers) or helpful for keeping a schedule is gonna be a hit. When all else fails, makeup and clothes will do the trick. Leos will be Leos!

Gucci Memoire d'Une Odeur

Gucci Memoire d'Une Odeur
Mineral Aromatic - Roman chamomile, bitter almond, jasmine, musk, vanilla, cedar, sandalwood
$120 @


Honestly, just knowing that you thought of them is gift enough for Virgos. But with Jupiter sitting in their 5th house (making them fixated on fun, sex, and self-expression), they'll love you forever if you spring for lingerie, surprise concert tix, or an on-point hatband.

Rose Quartz Coasters by Indigo

Indigo Design Studio Rose Quartz Coasters
Home Decor - Rose quartz is sliced and polished then encased with gold electroplated edges
$14 @


Happy homes and fams are what Libras are currently all about, so get your fave one some fresh furnishings.

Versace Eros Flame

Versace Eros Flame Eau de Parfum
Citrus Woody - Lemon, orange, black pepper, rosemary, pepperwood, geranium, rose, cedar, patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla
$102 @


Communication is big for Scorps, so tech accessories will def make them smile. Otherwise, it's all about listening to the hints they drop... like a new pair of sunnies that they mentioned (twice) they need or that red lipstick of yours they love.

Oakley Ski Goggles

Oakley Ski Goggles
Outdoor Sports Equipment - Oakley Line Miner XM Skiinng Goggles with Prizm Hi pink Iridium lenses
$150 @


Your adventurous friend called: They want all this fun outdoorsy winter stuff this year, and yeah, they're taking up skiing, so those goggles are absolutely necessary.

Givenchy L'Interdit

Givenchy L'Interdit
Floral Woody - Orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, vetiver, patchouli
$93 @


Jupiter - the planet of good luck - is currently camping out in Capricorn, which means This. Is. Their. Time! Feel free to go a bit more frivolous and fun than usual for this normally practical sign with designer bags, baubles, and all the beauty stuff.

Diptyque Candle Blissful Amber

Diptyque Candle Blissful Amber
Aromatic Candle - Amber, geranium, lavender, musk
$38 for 70g @


Not gonna lie. Aquarius is in a weird mood rn, with a lot of focus on their 12th house of isolation. It's a great time to gift something that helps with their self-care, like a good read, a pretty candle, or a zen yoga mat.

Flamingo Candles

Flamingo Candles
Natural Soy - Hand-poured, dip-dyed, unscented statement candles
$17 @


Our fave fishies will be swimming in friendship vibes with winter, so you should probably consider giving a cute pair of pj's for the girls' weekend or cool accent pieces that'll make them excited to host pals for drinks.

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(Torgerson, Rachel. "Gift Guide." Cosmopolitan Dec. 2019 / Jan. 2020: 71-81)

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