Overose Purple Candles

Overose has launched a trio of purple monochromatic candles. These new "dreamy fragrances" include Euphoriasme, a warm gourmand floral, Auraflowne, a fresh citrus scent, and Aesthetic, a warm floral aroma. "Heighten the magic" in your space with the new Overose purple candle collection.

Overose Purple Candles

Overose heightens the magic of purple with a new trademarked monochromatic design. Discover the OVEROSE Purple Candles with 3 new dreamy fragrances."

Overose.com (June 2020)

New Purple Candles by Overose

Overose Euphoriasme Candle

Euphoriasme Purple Candle - Gourmand floral scent
Fragrance Notes
Warm croissant, cranberries, creme brulee, and rose blossom water.

"Overose Euphoriasme melts the sweetness of warm croissant coated with caramelized sugar and the tartness of ripe cranberries with a splash of rose blossom water. Euphoriasme will bring to your house the delicious aroma of a parisian bakery in the morning when croissants come out of the oven, cream puffs glisten in the window and colourful fresh bouquets are arranged on the marble counter top."

Overose Auraflowne Candle

Auraflowne Purple Candle - Fresh citrus scent
Fragrance Notes
Cherries, ripe nectarines, caramel, lemon blossom and a hint of lime basil.

"Overose Auraflowne is a fruity floral scented candle that delights with cherries, ripe nectarines, caramel, lemon blossom and a hint of lime basil. Auraflowne is the mouth watering blend of sweet cherry with juicy nectarine. The delicious scent of lemon blossom merges with the caramel in a delicious aroma. Lastly a sprinkle of lime basil infuses an airy freshness that compliments the effervescence of lemon blossom and feels like pure happiness."

Overose Aesthetic Candle

Aesthetic Purple Candle - Warm floral scent
Fragrance Notes
White rose, almond milk, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and a soft touch of caramel.

"Overose Aesthetic is a scented candle that melts the sweetness of white rose, almond milk, amber, vanilla, sandalwood and a soft touch of caramel. Aesthetic starts with scented white roses merging with the softness of almond milk. A sweet haze of vanilla and amber infuses a buttery creamy aroma, not to sweet but skirting that border of sweetness. Lastly warm caramel is drizzled over the sandalwood creating the effect of a caramelised wood."

All overose candles are formulated with essential oils and dreamy fragrances to burn cleanly with an excellent cold and hot throw and to be cruelty free, vegan and free of phthalates."

Overose.com (June 2020)

Overose Purple Candles

Overose scented candles offer a burn time up to 60 hours, sold in 8.4 oz. size for $58 each @ sephora.com

Overose Pink Candles

Overose collection of monochromatic pink wax candles housed inside pink glass containers was inspired by dreamy interiors of the 1970s.

Anamorphine - Sparkling Peonies - Notes: Pink peony, raspberry lemonade, rosewater, Kaffir lemon leaves.
Anthurium - Brimming with Berries - Notes: Blackcurrant berries, rose petals, lychee, blackcurrent green leaves.
Gaiasilk - Wood of All Goodness - Notes: Palo santo, white chocolate, smoky vanilla, amber, sandalwood.
Nympholia - A Shower of Petals - Notes: Cotton poplin, roses, lily of the valley, orange blossom water.
Nudesse - A Rose Like None Other - Notes: Roses and rain.
Valkiria - Dreaming of Figs - Notes: Fig leaves, vineyard peaches, coco milk, cedarwood.

Anamorphine, Anthurium, and Nudesse are available in the Holo candle collection, a color-shifting, reflective glass finish.

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