Sephora Summer Candle Collection

Sephora has launched a candle collection. These new summer fragrances include Bloom, a fresh floral scent, Unwind, a warm woody aroma, Refresh, a spa-like floral, and Pop Fizz a fruity citrus scent. These scented candles are made of a natural soy wax blend.

New Summer Candles by Sephora

Sephora Bloom Candle

Bloom Candle - Floral scent

Fragrance Notes
Rose Petals, Freesia, Amber

Sephora Collection Bloom Scented Candle
"This candle has notes of rose petals, freesia, and amber that harmoniously blend to create an everlasting ambiance."

Sephora Pop Fizz Candle

Pop Fizz Candle - Fruity citrus scent

Fragrance Notes
Blood Orange, Red Currant, Sandalwood

Sephora Collection Pop Fizz Scented Candle
"This candle has notes of blood orange, red currant, and creamy sandalwood that will leave a delicious zest to your space."

Sephora Refresh Candle

Refresh Candle - Fresh floral scent

Fragrance Notes
Grapefruit, Jasmine, Musk

Sephora Collection Refresh Scented Candle
"This candle has notes of black currant, grapefruit, jasmine, and musk to give your home that perfect spa-like feel."

Sephora Unwind Candle

Unwind Candle - Warm woody scent

Fragrance Notes
Vanilla, Sandalwood, Pink Berry

Sephora Collection Unwind Scented Candle
"This addictive candle has notes of black amber, vanilla, and sandalwood combined with pink berry and bourbon to turn your home into a peaceful hideaway."

This candle is made of a natural soy-blend wax, is non-toxic, and is not tested on animals. It's also free of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates. Expect up to 40 hours of burn time." (June 2020)

Sephora Summer Candles

Sephora scented candles offer a burn time up to 40 hours, sold in 8 oz. size for $18 each @

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