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Hydrating Shower Gel Collection for Women by Adidas - "An exciting new collection of shower gels designed to enhance specific moods and care benefits. Today's women want to feel stylish, glamorous and feminine -- embracing all the unique aspects that make her special. adidas is keeping right in step with the changing needs and desires of modern women, with dedicated body care products that better satisfy their individual preferences. To meet women's desire for wellness, 'adidas for women' is introducing an exciting new range of shower gels designed to enhance specific moods and care benefits."

Adidas Hydrating Shower Gel for Women

Adidas Hydrating Shower Gel for Women - fragrance info

Fragrance House Adidas
Introduced April 2012
Scents Available Fresh | Happy | Protect | Relax | Smooth | Vitality
Collection Hydrating Shower Gels
Available Products Adidas - Hydrating Shower Gels 8.4oz / $8.99

Adidas Hydrating Shower Gel for Women Ad Campaign

Bath & Body Scents

Adidas Fresh Shower Gel
Adidas Fresh
"Fresh, shower gel enriched with cool mint to help cool down your body & mind. An original cocktail of exotic fruits twisted with a transparent watery accord and refreshing ice mint facet on a creamy peach and musky base."
Adidas Fresh Shower Gel
Adidas Happy Shower Gel
Adidas Happy
"Happy, shower gel enriched with juicy fruits to put you in a good mood.
A bright and joyful blend of lemon and tangerine notes, enhanced with fresh white floral heart notes and enveloping sandalwood and vanilla dry down."
Adidas Happy Shower Gel
Adidas Protect Shower Gel
Adidas Protect
"Protect, shower milk enriched with cotton milk to help cocoon your body & mind. A floral fruity perfume where green apple and velvety peach are married to a white floral bouquet of jasmine and gardenia on a delicate drydown of dazzling amber and soft woods."
Adidas Protect Shower Gel
Adidas Relax Shower Gel
Adidas Relax
"Relax, shower gel enriched with flower bouquet to help smooth your body & mind. An enveloping floral oriental fragrance with bergamot and rose petal notes, creamy heart of almond milk and a caring powdery musky dry down."
Adidas Relax Shower Gel
Adidas Smooth Shower Gel
Adidas Smooth
"Smooth, shower milk enriched with micro pearls to exfoliate your skin. A wrapping floral fruity fragrance where passion fruit and grapefruit notes are married to floral white notes on a delicate dry down of comfortable vanilla and milky accord."
Adidas Smooth Shower Gel
Adidas Vitality Shower Gel
Adidas Vitality
"Vitality, shower gel enriched with massage pearls to help invigorate your body & mind. A sparkling fragrance built around energizing green citrus top notes of lemon and cedrat softened by a fruity facet of peach and orange on a gentle musky cloud."
Adidas Vitality Shower Gel
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Adidas for Women Shower Gel Line

Women often rely on intuition in knowing what their bodies need and the best way to get themselves back into balance -- whether it's an invigorating run, a focused yoga session, or just putting their feet up and relaxing. adidas' new shower gel range speaks to women to address a specific energy level, or amplify a particular mood. The product line is designed to make both mind and body feel good.

Each of the six variants has a unique fragrance and contains carefully chosen ingredients to meet a specific skin-care need. VITALITY offers an energizing effect. FRESH creates a clean, refreshing boost. HAPPY is bright and exhilarating, while RELAX is a comforting and soothing formula. SMOOTH help soften and exfoliates skin. PROTECT brings immediate hydration for dry skin. All the shower gels contain an hydrating formula that gently cleanses while helping to maintain the skin's natural balance.

The packaging has a stylish and modern design: the curved bottle features soft and flowing lines inspired by a woman's shape for a feminine look; and is shaped to fit a woman's hand in the shower. Represented by a different color and a different woman's silhouette, each variant expresses a specific mood.

The new 'adidas for women' shower gel range together with the female fragrance lines & action 3 anti-perspirants offer a full line of products to meet women's daily needs -- from the morning shower to the end of the day. This complete body care experience makes it easy for women to feel beautiful, so they can live their lives to the fullest.

Source: (Apr. 2013)

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