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Brazil Collection by Bath & Body Works - Bath & Body Works Brazil Collection . Three new bath and body fragrance collections and six new hand soaps with tropical inspired scents. Cool Amazon Rain is an exotic blend of starfuit and bamboo. Fresh Brazil Citrus is a mix of ripe citrus and sweet pineapple. Lush Pink Dragonfruit is a luscious pairing of dragonfruit and wild jungle palm. Tropical inspired hand soaps include Amazon Rainforest Orchid, Copacabana Coconut, Jungle Passion Fruit, Rio Rumba Glow, Brazil Pineapple Punch, and Wild Mango Mojito. Check out the tropical Brazil Home Fragrance collection.

Bath & Body Works Brazil Collection

Bath & Body Works Brazil Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Bath & Body Works
Introduced January 2015
Collection Brazil Collection
Scents Available Fresh Brazil Citrus | Cool Amazon Rain | Lush Pink Dragonfruit | ...more
Available Products Bath & Body Works Brazil Collection - body wash, lotion, spray / hand soap

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Bath & Body Works Brazil Collection - "Brazil Collection transports you to the tropics with fragrances inspired by sun-drenched beaches and lush rainforests."

Signature Collection

Fresh Brazil Citrus -- Let your senses run wild with a sun-drenched mix of ripe citrus and sweet pineapple.

Top -- luscious pineapple, mango nectar, tangerine fizz, pomelo
Heart -- tiare bloom, passion flower, peach sorbet
Base -- sandalwood, coconut milk, white mush

Cool Amazon Rain -- Explore the rush of a tropical rainforest with a refreshing blend of exotic starfruit and dewy bamboo.

Top -- amazon rain, exotic mandarin, brazilian starfruit
Heart -- pink cyclamen, coconut blossom, frangipani, cattleya orchid, trumpet jasmine
Base -- dewy bamboo, white driftwood, palm leaf, musk

Lush Pink Dragonfruit -- Experience nature's abundance with this luscious pairing of seductive dragonfruit and wild jungle plum.

Top -- pink dragonfruit, passionfruit nectar, pomegranate caipirinha, sparkling mandarin, lush pineapple
Heart -- red hibiscus, amazonian waterlily, beach gardenia
Base -- jungle palm, coconut, sandalwood

Hand Soap Collection

Amazon Rainforest Orchid - lush greens, wild orchid, jasmine

Brazil Pineapple Punch - juicy pineapple, iced melon, spice

Copacabana Coconut - creamy coconut, fresh palm, vanilla

Jungle Passion Fruit - pink passion fruit, pomegranate, sugarcane

Rio Samba Sunset - white amber, orange flower, musk

Wild Mango Mojito - sparkling mango, fresh papaya, citrus

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