Bath & Body Fragrances by Bath & Body Works

Fall Fragrances by Bath & Body Works - New for 2020 and "fresh from the patch" a new fall fragrance collection of bath and body products. From pumpkins and apples to cherries and plums, vanilla mochas to marshmallow lattes, this warm gourmand scent collection includes fine fragrance mists, body lotions and creams, shower gels, and hand soaps. Just what you need to get in the mood for the brilliance of Autumn.

Bath & Body Works Fall Fragrances 2020

New Cafe Inspired Fall Fragrances

Close your eyes and breathe in the café-crafted aromas and decadent sweet smells of fall!"

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte
A specially crafted mug of pumpkin latte, toasted marshmallows, creamy sandalwood, and praline musk.

Sparkling Plum Prosecco
A sweet, bubbly refresher of juicy purple plums, wild blackberry, and sparkling citrus.

Strawberry Pound Cake
A sweet, airy swirl of fresh strawberries, golden shortcake, and whipped cream.

Sugared Cherry Crisp
A sweet bite of bright cherry delight, crumbled graham cracker, and spun vanilla sugar.

Vanilla Mocha Latte
A coffee shop blend of cozy cappuccino, vanilla orchid, and white tonka bean.

The fall Cafe fragrance collection from Bath & Body Works is available in Fine Fragrance Mist, Ultra Shea Body Cream, Super Smooth Body Lotion, Shower Gel, and Hand Cream ($6.50 - $15.50).

Bath & Body Works Fall Fragrances 2020 New Fragrances

New Fall Scent Collection

Bonfire Bash
A crackling campfire. Cozy flannels all around. Marshmallows toasting to golden perfection. Our festive Bonfire Bash is in full swing, and you're invited! A sweet, subtly smoky blend of vanilla bourbon, creamy sandalwood, and cashmere musk.

Champagne Apple & Honey
Spend a sparkling afternoon in your favorite orchard among apple trees ripe for the picking! A juicy blend of pink lady apple, sparkling champagne, jasmine honey, and autumn woods.

Lavender In Bloom
Escape to purple fields of blooming lavender, where a soothing scent perfumes the air! A soothing, sun-soaked blend of lavender fields, lily of the valley, and sun-washed driftwood.

Sweater Weather
Bright blue skies with clouds of cotton. Cool winds rustle golden autumn leaves. The orchard welcomes you with open arms. Sweater Weather is here again! A cool, fall-perfect blend of sun-crisped apple, autumn leaves, and orchard woods.

The Bath & Body Works fall fragrance collection is available in Fine Fragrance Mist, Shower Gel, Ultra Shea Body Cream, and Super Smooth Body Lotion ($13.50 - $15.50).

Bath & Body Works Fall Fragrances 2020 New Hand Soaps
New Fall Hand Soap Collection

Bright Citrus Sunflower - A sweet, sunshiny mix of juicy mandarin orange, golden sunflower and sugarcane
Coconut Pumpkin Latte - A freshly brewed cup of coconut cream, whipped pumpkin and warm praline
Cozy Vanilla Cream - A smooth, sugary blend of whipped frosting, sweet cream and vanilla bean
Eucalyptus Mint - A refreshing blend of fresh mint, crisp eucalyptus and sweet clary sage
Lavender & Linen - A soothing and bright blend of crisp linen, lavender sea salt and fresh air breeze
Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte - A specially crafted mug of creamy pumpkin, toasted marshmallow and warm praline
Pumpkin Apple - A sweet & savory bunch of red delicious apples, fall pumpkin and clove buds
Pumpkin Cupcake - A sweet autumn treat of baked pumpkin, whipped vanilla frosting and golden honey
White Coconut Caramel - A creamy, nutty treat of coconut flakes, toasted hazelnut and caramel swirl

Fall is Calling - Hand Soap Collection
Afternoon Apple Picking - A bountiful basket of crisp apple, succulent pear and cinnamon
Autumn Rainfall - A cool drop of aloe leaf, bergamot and chamomile water
Sweater Weather - A cool, fall-perfect blend of sage, eucalyptus and fresh woods
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - A sweet fall treat of harvest pumpkin, spiced clove and sugarcane

Warm Welcome - Hand Soap Collection
Blackberries & Basil - A farmer's market medley of fresh blackberries, sparkling champagne and basil
Crisp Morning Air - An exhilarating breath of fresh pine, juniper and juicy pear
Pink Peach Blossom - A fruity-floral fall blend of peach nectar, magnolia petals and mandarin
The Perfect Autumn - A sweet and tangy bunch of fresh cranberry, spiced pumpkin and crisp apple

New Creamy Luxe Hand Soaps
Apples & Brown Sugar - A sweet, fall-perfect treat of baked apples, brown sugar and flaky pie crust
Frosted Cranberry - A fresh-picked basket of frosted cranberry, red delicious apple and blonde wood
Harvest Gathering - A warm, inviting blend of fresh picked apples, autumn berries and clove buds
Sunshine & Lemons - A citrusy blend of yuzu, grapefruit and sunrays
Vanilla Sage - A cozy autumn blend of sage, toasted hazelnut and vanilla musk

New Fall Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps
Coconut Lime Verbena - Owl Be There
An island blend of zesty lime, lemon verbena and coconut water
Cozy Vanilla Cream - All About Fall Y'All
A smooth, sugary blend of whipped frosting, sweet cream and vanilla bean
Orange Vanilla Swirl - Don't Stop Be-Leafing
A sweet, dreamy treat of creamy vanilla, juicy orange and sugar crystals
Whipped Espresso - Love Ya A Latte
An energizing blend of espresso bean, creamy vanilla and whipped sugar

The Bath & Body Works Fall hand soap collection is available in Gentle Foaming Hand Soap, Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, and Creamy Luxe Hand Soap ($7.50 - $8.50).

Check out the Bath & Body Works Fall home fragrance collection!

(Source:, Aug. 2020)

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