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Paradise Collection by Bath & Body Works - A new collection of Paradise destination inspired fragrances. Bath and body Signature collection of products with four new scents of Oahu Coconut Sunset (coconut blossoms), Bali Blue Surf (ocean water), Fiji Pineapple Palm (tropical fruits), and Waikiki Beach Coconut (coconut, white sand). Get swept away to paradise with this perfumed ensemble. Available in shower gel, body lotion, body cream, and fragrance mist from Bath & Body Works stores.

Bath & Body Works Paradise Collection

Bath & Body Works Paradise Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Bath & Body Works
Introduced March 2017
Scents Available Bali Blue Surf | Fiji Pineapple Palm | Oahu Coconut Sunset | Waikiki Beach Coconut
Collection Paradise
Available Products Signature Collection:
Fragrance Mist, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Ultra Shea Body Cream: 8oz each / $12.50-14.50

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Bath & Body Works Paradise Fragrances

"Welcome to paradise!"

Oahu Coconut Sunset - A warm, sensual blend of a perfect Oahu sunset and the alluring scent of coconut blossoms.

Bali Blue Surf - A sparkling, watery blend of crystal blue waves only found in breathtaking Bali.

Fiji Pineapple Palm - A juicy, lush blend of sweet tropical fruits that thrive in the beautiful rainforests of Fiji.

Waikiki Beach Coconut - A fresh, beachy blend of island coconut breeze over the sunswept white sands of Waikiki.

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