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Spring Fragrance Collection by Bath & Body Works - Spring is coming! Warm up from the cold winter's day with these new spring scented fragrance mists, body lotions, shower gels, and bath oils. Here's a look at the latest spring-time inspired scents from the Sweet On You, On the Bright Side, and Aromatherapy collections.

Spring Scent Collection

Bath & Body Works Strawberry Pound Cake

Sweet On You collection
Strawberry Pound Cake
A sunny ode to fresh strawberries swirled throughout the dreamiest shortcake ever! A sweet, airy swirl of fresh strawberries, golden shortcake and whipped cream.

Margarita Cupcake
Flakey vanilla cake topped with sparkling citrus frosting fragrance to satisfy your sweet tooth! A sweet-meets-salty blend of key lime, sunny citrus blossom and whipped vanilla.

Confetti Cake Pop
Cue the confetti - this sweet treat makes every moment pop with magic! A cheerful confection of creamy cake frosting, rainbow sprinkles and vanilla bean.

Bath & Body Works Dream in the Sky

On the Bright Side collection
Dream In the Sky - Lavender Clouds
Twinkling stars, comforting lavender & cozying up in bed. It's time to dream in the sky! A dreamy blend of sugared lavender, honey butter and whipped vanilla.

Soak In the Sun - Peach Sunset
Candy-coated sunsets, pink prosecco and your toes in the sand. It's time to soak in the sun! A beaming blend of sun-ripened peach, pink prosecco and blonde woods.

Dance In the Rain - Fresh Raindrops
Morning sun showers, dewdrops on the grass and breathing in the fresh air. It's time to dance in the rain! A joyful blend of rain-kissed berries, jasmine blossoms and birch water.

Bath & Body Works New Aromatherapy

New Aromatherapy collection
Calm - Cedarwood + Orange
Cedarwood Oil helps calm your mind. Orange Oil promotes relaxation.

Passion - Tuberose + Ylang Ylang
Tuberose Absolute inspires feelings of affection. Ylang Ylang Oil encourages confidence.

Clarity - Peppermint + Rosemary
Peppermint Oil promotes concentration. Rosemary Oil reduces emotional strain.

Online Exclusives:
Eucalyptus - It clears the mind and promotes relaxation.
Lavender - It inspires tranquility and promotes peaceful sleep.
Patchouli - It quiets the sense and helps balance emotions.
Peppermint - It promotes focus and encourages positivity.

Bath & Body Works Spring Fragrances Hand Soaps

Springtime Scented Hand Soaps

Essential Oils Collection
Cotton & Tea - A refreshing, clean blend of salted air, bergamot and white tea
Rose Water & Hibiscus - A bouquet of rosewater, fresh ivy and tropical hibiscus
Vanilla Coconut - A soothing, sweet blend of whipped vanilla, peach blossom and warm coconut
Wild Lavender Mint - A fresh, calming blend of wild lavender, mint leaves and sea spray

Purely Clean - Vegan-Friendly Fragrances
Blackberries & Basil - Fresh blackberries, sparkling champagne and basil
Coconut Eucalyptus - Creamy coconut, eucalyptus and blue sage
Cucumber Verbena - Green tea, watery cucumber and verbena
Kitchen Mandarin - Sparkling mandarin, fresh thyme and cedarwood
Rosemary & Rain - Yellow bergamot, sprig of rosemary and cedar wood

Spring Florals
Cactus Blossom - A sweet, crisp blend of cactus flower petal, sun-kissed coconut and sparkling lemon
Cucumber & Lily - A garden-crisp blend of fresh cucumber, green tea and lily of the valley
French Lavender - A soothing blend of fresh lavender with hints of amber
Rose Water & Ivy - A fresh-cut bouquet of soft rose petals, rain-kissed ivy and spring musk
Sunshine & Lemons - A citrusy blend of yuzu, grapefruit and sunrays
Warm Vanilla Sugar - An addictive swirl of creamy vanilla and sparkling sugar crystals

Sweet Scents
First Bloom - A floral blend of peony petals, lily and green grass
Raspberry Tangerine - A sweet, bright mix of wild raspberries, fresh tangerine and lemon zest
Sunwashed Citrus - A sweet & sassy blend of sugared lemons, juicy pineapple and mandarin
Vanilla Cloud - A dreamy blend of whipped vanilla, apple blossom and sandalwood
Watermelon Lemonade - A summertime treat of watermelon ice, sparkling water and Meyer lemon
White Tea & Sage - An earthy blend of fresh tea, lemon and herbs

Vacation Scents
Coastal Air - A transportive blend of water lily, sundrenched lime and lavender
Flamingo Beach - A fruity-fabulous blend of pink summer berries, juicy orange and dewy white petals
Fiji White Sands - A vacation-ready blend of white sands, vanilla orchid and warm amber
Honolulu Sun - A dreamy blend of fresh island coconut, Pacific palm and driftwood
Island Papaya - A whisk-you-off-to-the-tropics mix of tropical coconut, fresh papaya and sugarcane
Turquoise Waters - A calming blend of bergamot, day lily and sea spray

White Barn Spring Scents
Black Cherry Merlot - A rich, fruity blend of dark cherry, black raspberry and merlot
Eucalyptus Mint - A refreshing blend of fresh mint, crisp eucalyptus and sweet clary sage
Fresh Cut Lilacs - A just-picked blend of lilac bouquets, dewy greens and soft spring air
Kitchen Lemon - A fresh blend of zesty lemon, sparkling citrus and Italian bergamot
Linen & Lavender (Online) - A soothing and bright blend of crisp linen, lavender sea salt and fresh air breeze
Mahogany Teakwood - A woodsy, mysterious blend of rich mahogany, black teakwood and dark oak
Sea Island Cotton - A fresh blend of clean cotton, white freesia and musk

(Source:, 01/20)

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