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Tropical Getaway Collection by Bath & Body Works - Escape to a tropical destination with a new collection of bath and body fragrances launched in March 2020. "Find your fragrance getaway" with this new fruity floral selection of scented fragrance mists, shimmer mists, body lotions, hand cream, shower gels, body scrubs, and hand soaps. Tropical islands and coconuts and aromatherapy, oh my!

Bath & Body Works Tropical Getaway Island Collection

Tropical Island Scent Collection

BAHAMAS Passionfruit & Banana Flower
A tropical cocktail of passionfruit, pineapple leaves and banana flower. Banana trees gently sway under clear blue skies. Passionfruit blossoms fill the air. Grab a bungalow and bask in the beauty of this fresh tropical fruit fragrance.

BALI Black Coconut Sands
An alluring, tropical mix of coconut milk, sea salt musk and black sand. Sail away to Bali's beautiful black sand beaches with this exotic coconut fragrance.

BORA BORA Citrus Surf
A fruity, islandy blend of sugared lemon, dewy waterfruit and vanilla bean. Shimmering ocean waves. The scent of crisp, sunny citrus in the air. Bora Bora, your tropical oasis, is calling.

FIJI Sunshine Guava-tini
A bright and beachy cocktail of sun-kissed guava, fresh orange and seaside jasmine. The sun shines brighter in the heart of the South Pacific, where your Fiji island getaway awaits. Kick back and's Guava-tini time.

TIKI BAY Island Margarita
A whisk-you-away blend of sweet mandarin, island mango and sea salt. When it's sunset o'clock in Tiki Bay, there's no better way to end the day than with an Island Margarita.

WAIKIKI Beach Coconut
A warm, islandy blend of tropical white coconut, saltwater breezes and sun bleached woods. Sun-warmed coconut groves, stunning white sands and gentle tropical breezes. Welcome to your own personal Hawaiian coconut paradise.

The Tropical Island fragrance collection from Bath & Body Works is available in illuminating shimmer mist, fine fragrance mist, shower gel, moisturizing body wash, body scrub, ultra shea body cream, super smooth body lotion, and hand cream ($6.50 - $15.50).

Bath & Body Works Tropical Getaway New Coconut Fragrances

Coconut Scent Collection

A classic and simple coconut fragrance.

COCONUT Hibiscus
A floral, soft blend of coconut water, pink hibiscus and orchid petals.

A fresh, sunny blend of coconut cream, white palm and vanilla.

COCONUT Pineapple
A fruity, bright blend of shaved coconut, fresh pineapple and sugar cane.

The Bath & Body Works Coconut fragrance collection is available in fine fragrance mist, shower gel, moisturizing body wash, milk moisture mist, and body butter ($13.50 - $18.50).

Bath & Body Works Tropical Getaway New Aromatherapy Scents
New Tropical Getaway Aromatherapy collection

RELAX Hawaiian Sandalwood + Eucalyptus + Mandarin
Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil grounds the emotions. Eucalyptus Oil Clears the mind. Mandarin Oil improves your mood. An aromatherapy blend of essential oils with a relaxing aroma features eucalyptus, mandarin and Hawaiian sandalwood sourced from trees on the big island and found nowhere else in the world.

RESET Mediterranean Bergamot + Neroli + Cedarwood
Mediterranean Bergamot Oil creates sense of well-being. Neroli Oil lessens worries. Cedarwood Oil calms the mind. An aromatherapy blend of essential oils with a calming aroma features neroli, cedarwood and Mediterranean bergamot sourced from orchards in southern Italy.

REVIVE Brazilian Orange + Mandarin + Guava
Brazilian Orange Oil invigorates and uplifts. Mandarin Oil improves your mood. Guava Extract boosts overall outlook. An aromatherapy blend of essential oils with an uplifting aroma features mandarin, guava and Brazilian orange sourced from Brazil's citrus belt.

The Tropical Getaway Aromatherapy fragrance collection from Bath & Body Works is available in body wash & foam bath, body lotion, body cream, and pillow mist ($13.50 - $15.50).

Bath & Body Works Tropical Getaway Hand Soaps
Tropical Getaway Scented Hand Soaps

Island Margarita - A tropical cocktail of fresh squeezed lime and sea salt
Bamboo Paradise - A fresh, earthy blend of dewy ivy, musk and blonde sandalwood
Fiji White Sands - A vacation-ready blend of white sands, vanilla orchid and warm amber
Honolulu Sun - A dreamy blend of fresh island coconut, Pacific palm and driftwood
Mango Mai Tai - A tropical cocktail of mango nectar, sun-kissed grapefruit and sugarcane

The Bath & Body Works Tropical hand soap collection is available in foaming or gel hand soap formulas ($7.50).

Bath & Body Works Hand Soap

New Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps
Unicorn Milkshake - Be Magical. A sweet and tangy blend of sugared vanilla and juicy passionfruit
Blue Ocean Waves - You're Rexcellent. A perky blend of creamy sandalwood, salty ocean breeze and lemon zest
Apple Hibiscus - Right Meow. A juicy, floral blend of apple nectar, hibiscus and sweet orange
Iced Vanilla Cookie - Stay Pawsitive. A fresh-baked blend of lemon, sugar crystals and vanilla shortbread

These new scented hand soaps are available at your local Bath & Body Works stores, and online at ($7.50 each).

(Source:, March. 2020)

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