Fragrance guide for Lulah

Fragrance guide for bath and body collection by Lulah.

Lulah - Citron

Get quenched. Wink at the limo driver. Dash to the boardroom in your heels. Capture the verve with a wisp of sass as you go through the day with Citron.
Notes -- A fresh, juicy spritzer. Pink pamplemousse. Tart lemon. Sweet basil. Herbal tea leaves.

Lulah - Magnolia Fig

Magnolia Fig
Hello sunshine. With a basketful of luscious finds from the Farmer's Market, she's off to embrace today with positivity and a yes-I-can attitude with Magnolia Fig.
Notes -- Sun-drenched nectars. Luscious fig. Sparkling petitgrain. Sweet mandarin. Tart lemon peel. Creamy magnolia. Soft woods.   Learn more

Lulah - Peony

Pretty yourself. Her coiffed up-do, high-gloss lips and French nails says pretty is more than an adjective. She's smart, sensual, sensational. She's Peony.
Notes -- Spring's first bouquet. Sweet hyacinth. White magnolia. Soft angelica seed. Tranquil iris. Sensual woods. Gentle musk.

Lulah - Tamarind Ginger

Tamarind Ginger
Zen moments ahead. After she salutes the sun and gets her warrior on, embracing a calm meditative and a balanced chi, she zips away on her scooter to conquer the world.
Notes -- A refreshing wake-up call. Uplifting ginger. Zesty lime. Tangy tamarind. Moist cucumber. Airy ambrette seed.

Lulah - Vanilla Orchid

Vanilla Orchid
You, only better. It's a frilly, no-frills, lady-like, assertive, be yourself kind of day. Nothing stands between you and success. Today calls for Vanilla Orchid.
Notes -- Like a blissful breeze. Lush orchid. Sweet jasmine. Comforting vanilla. Soft sandalwood. Warm tonka bean.

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