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Fragrance guide for bath and body collection by Lush.

Lush bath and body collection

Updated 06/08/20

Angels on Bare Skin (Face and Body Cleanser)
Ground almonds, lavender oil, chamomile blue oil. Rose absolute, benzoin.

Aqua Marina (Face and Body Cleanser)
Calamine powder, nori seaweed, patchouli oil. Sweet orange oil, aloe vera gel, sea salt, kaolin, Irish moss gel.

Avocado Co-Wash - Fruity refreshment (Body Spray)
Bergamot oil, olibanum oil, litsea cubeba oil. "The juicy, fruity scents of bergamot and litsea cubeba oils leave you feeling fresh all day long."

Big - Over the top orange flower (Body Spray)
Neroli oil, vanilla absolute, orange flower water, Sicilian red mandarin oil. "The sunkissed fragrances of orange flower and neroli with a touch of sweet vanilla."

Calacas - Lively lime spritzer (Body Spray)
Lime oil, neroli oil, olibanum oil. "Zesty sweet limes and earthy olibanum bring you back to life."

Charity Pot (Body Lotion)
Moringa oil, cocoa butter, geranium oil. Rosewood, ylang-ylang, vanilla, glycerin, jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe gel.

Coco Loco - Tropical citrus-coconut scent (Body Spray)
Brazilian orange oil, coriander seed oil, lemongrass oil. "Bright citrus notes blend with soothing spice to make you feel at home."

Cup O' Coffee (Face and Body Mask)
Coffee infusion, vanilla absolute, kaolin. Vanilla, vetiver, coriander, coumarin.

Dad's Garden Lemon Tree - Warm, sunny citrus (Body Spray)
Lemon oil, lime oil, lavender oil, bergamot oil. "A bittersweet landscape of lemon and lime, watered with fresh, juicy bergamot and infused with African sunshine."

Dark Angels (Face and Body Cleanser)
Powdered charcoal, sandalwood, rhassoul mud. Avocado oil, rosewood oil. (Oily or acne-prone skin.)

Dirty - Herbal, minty woods (Body Spray)
Spearmint oil, sandalwood oil, lavender absolute, tarragon oil, neroli oil, thyme absolute. "A sophisticated, invigorating body spray that smells of spearmint and tarragon."

Dream Cream (Body Lotion)
Rose absolute, cocoa butter, tea tree oil. Oat milk, lavender, chamomile, rose water, olive oil, glycerin, benzoin.

Flying Fox - High flying florals (Body Spray)
Jasmine absoute, ylang-ylang oil, cypress oil, palmarosa oil. "The heady scents of jasmine and ylang ylang tempered by earthy notes of cypress and palmarosa oils."

Guardians of the Forest - Green, clean and woodsy (Body Spray)
Cypress oil, rosewood oil, oakmoss absolute, lime oil. "Feel fresh, green and clean with woodsy cypress, rosewood and oakmoss oils."

Groovy Kind of Love - Far-out herbal freshness straight out of Woodstock (Body Spray)
Bergamot oil, rosewood oil, ylang-ylang oil. "Get fresh, not funky with this grounding blend of rosewood, bergamot and ylang ylang oils."

Herbalism (Face and Body Cleanser)
Ground almonds, rose absolute, kaolin. Rosemary, nettl, blue chamomile, gardenia, sage.

Honey I Washed the Kids - Sweet toffee spritz (Body Spray)
Bergamot oil, Brazilian orange oil, buttery toffee and vanilla scent notes. "One spritz of this sweet honey-caramel fragrance and you'll be simply irresistible."

Jungle - Wild, woodsy florals (Body Spray)
Ylang-ylang oil, vetivert oil, cedarwood oil, cypress oil. "A wild blend of floral ylang ylang, sharp vetivert and calming cedarwood oils."

Karma Kream (Body Lotion)
Orange flower water, cocoa butter, patchouli oil. Almond oil, glycerin, sweet orange oil, lemongrass oil, lavandin oil, pine oil, elemi oil, benzoin.

Let the Good Times Roll (Face and Body Cleanser)
Maize flour, cinnamon powder, gardenia extract.

Little Pot of Energy (Body Lotion Bar)
Cocoa butter, orange puree, grapefruit oil. Almond oil, shea butter, carnauba wax, Japan wax.

Mask of Magnaminty (Face and Body Mask)
Honey, peppermint oil, ground aduki beans. Vanilla.

Movis (Facial Soap)
Organic fair trade cocoa butter, wholemeal bread, sandalwood oil. Coconut oil, sugar, labdanum resinoid.

Ocean Salt (Face and Body Scrub)
Grapefruit infusion, sea salt, lime oil. Violet leaf absolute, avocado butter, seaweed absolute.

Pansy (Body Lotion)
Organic extra virgin olive oil, illipe butter, orange flower absolute. Cocoa butter, jojoba oil, bergamot oil, mandarin infusion, glycerin, aloe vera gel, rosemary oil, galbanum oil, labdanum resinoid, oakmoss.

Pink - Calming lavernder, sweet vanilla (Body Spray)
Lavender oil, neroli oil, vanilla absolute, tonka absolute. "Candy-coat yourself in this sweet vanilla and soothing lavender scent."

Plum Rain - Tart and fruity spritz (Body Spray)
Osmanthus absolute, petitgrain oil, Sicilian mandarin oil, plum scent. "A downfall of bewitching osmanthus and succulent Sicilian mandarin quenches your taste for forbidden fruit."

Roller - Orange-tonka soother (Body Spray)
Brazilian orange oil, geranium oil, tonka absolute. "A warm, sweet blend of geranium, Brazilian orange oil and tonka absolute."

Rose Jam - Vanilla rose confection (Body Spray)
Rose oil, Sicilian lemon oil, rose absolute, geranium oil. "A sweet fruity rose and vanilla scented mist that'll leave you will a trail of admireres."

Sakura ("Cherry blossom" in Japanese) - A scent of springtime (Body Spray)
Sicilian lemon oil, mimosa absolute, jasmine absolute, orange flower absolute. "Envelop yourseld in the gentle scent of flower petals and just a hint of cheery citrus."

Sex Bomb - Sweet, sensual florals (Body Spray)
Jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang oil, clary sage oil. "The bestselling jasmine-clary sage scent that puts you in the mood."

Sleepy (Body Lotion)
Lavender water, cocoa butter, tonka absolute. Oat milk, almond oil, jojoba oil, glycerin, benzoin, ylang-ylang oil.

So White - Rose apple refreshment (Body Spray)
Bergamot oil, neroli oil, Brazilian orange oil, rose absolute, orange flower absolute, apple scent. "Feel fairy tale fragrance with this soft and soothing rose-apple scent."

Sympathy for the Skin (Body Lotion)
Fresh organic bananas, vanilla pod infusion, almond oil. Cocoa butter, almond oil, glycerin, sandalwood oil, lemon oil, labdanum resinoid.

The Comforter - Snuggly cassis-cypress spritzer (Body Spray)
Cypress oil, bergamot oil, cassis absolute. "Snuggle under the covers with this rich, fruity and fragrance cassis-cypress scent."

The Olive Branch - Sunshine in a bottle (Body Spray)
Orange flower absolute, bergamot oil, Sicilian mandarin oil, lemon oil, oakmoss. "Orange flower and bergamot to brighten your day and keep you flying high."

Turmeric Latte - Warm and spicy sweetness (Body Spray)
Tonka absolute, vanilla absolute, benzoin resinoid. "Indulge in this warm and spicy turmeric- and tonka-scented fragrance."

Tramp - Grounding herbal refreshment (Body Spray)
Lavender oil, tonka absolute, ylang-ylang oil, benzoin. "Spritz yourself with comforting sweet laveder and tonka and feel tension melt away."

Twilight - Sleepy lavender mist (Body Spray)
Neroli oil, vanilla absolute, orange flower water, Sicilian red mandarin oil. "The sunkissed fragrances of orange flower and neroli with a touch of sweet vanilla."

Vanillary - Delicious vanilla toffee (Body Spray)
Vanilla absolute, jasmine absolute, tonka absolute, sandalwood and burnt caramel. "Wrap up warm in sweet vanilla and tonka absolutes: a cascade of caramel to keep you cosy."

Yoga Bomb - Floral sandalwood scent (Body Spray)
Sandalwood oil, ho wood oil, olibanum oil, cassie absolute. "A wooddy, floral scent filled with grounding sandalwood, ho wood and olibanum oils."

Yuzu and Cocoa - Chocolate orange aroma (Body Spray)
Grapefruit oil, bergamot oil, cocoa absolute, tonka absolute. "Mist yourself with the rich, irresistible scent of orange and chocolate."


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