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Wild Collection by Old Spice - Old Spice launched a trio of new fragrances for their Wild Collection, telling men to "Answer the Call of the Wild." The Wild Collection is available in Body Spray, Body Wash, and Deodorant products.

Old Spice Wild Collection

Old Spice Wild Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Old Spice
Introduced January 2013
Scents Available Foxcreat | Hawkridge | Wolfthorn
Collection Wild Collection
Available Products Old Spice - Body Spray 4oz / $4
Old Spice - Body Wash 16oz / $4
Old Spice - Deodorant 3oz / $4

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Old Spice Wild Collection

Foxcrest -- For Cunning Gentlemen
Scientists once believed that the scent most pleasurable to a woman was an old leather medicine ball soaked in champagne. They have since realized that even more pleasurable than that old medicine ball is the scent of Old Spice Foxcrest, which is said to smell like the golden hairs of a young appaloosa horse playing in a mountain spring.

Hawkridge -- For Guys with Swift Minds
There are three scents in the world guaranteed to make men into handsome gentlemen of nonstop romantic successes. All three of those scents were outsmarted by a complicated Trojan-horse scheme and then eaten by Hawkridge. Hawkridge now wields all their smells combined to incite in females an unstoppable rampage of tender compliments and face caresses that all men would consider successful.

Wolfthorn -- Nor Nocturnal Creatures
The night is full of romantic mysteries, but none of them are more romantically mysterious than the mystery of the prowling wolf. Add thorns and you have Wolfthorn, the sharpest romantic mystery available in a smelling solution.

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