Fragrance guide for Plant Apothecary

Fragrance guide for bath and body collection by Plant Apothecary.

Plant Apothecary bath and body collection

Updated 6/2018

Be Gentle -- (Bar Soap) Unscented botanical blend for super sensitive skin, gentle enough for babies.

Be Well -- Essential oils used by aromatherapists and clinicians to boost the immune system.

Calm Down -- Enriched with organic essential oils of ginger and lavender, which are known to help calm and quiet an overstressed and wound-up mind.

Get Happy -- Enriched with organic essential oils of geranium and peppermint, which are known for their uplifting properties.

Get It On -- Organic essential oils of aphrodisiac sandalwood, ginger and cedar, for a sensual scent.

Ground Control -- (Organic Body Oil) Essential oils of invigorating rosemary and relaxing bergamot, to help sharpen and calm your mind at the same time.

Wake Up -- Lightly scented with organic essential oils of rosemary and lemongrass, which aromatherapists have traditionally used to stimulate and revive the mind and body.

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Plant Apothecary bath and body

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