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Sephora Fragrance Guide
Fragrance Guide
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Sephora Body Scrub
Body Scrub
Pamper your skin and indulge yourself with these new Sephora Collection exfoliating body granitas! 8.45 oz. / $8
Sephora Shower Jelly
Shower Jelly
A refreshing shower gel that melts onto skin and produces a luxurious lather, gently cleanses, and lifts up your mood. 8.45 oz. / $10
Sephora Body Milk
Body Milk
A moisturizing body milk with a refreshing texture for beautiful skin that stays hydrated all day long. 6.76 oz. / $12
Sephora Body Jelly
Body Jelly
A line of body gels, each with a targeted active ingredient to address a specific skincare concern. 3.38 oz. / $6
Sephora Hand Balm
Hand Balm
A line of hand creams and a scrub with targeted skin care benefits to meet your hands’ specific needs. 1.0 oz. / $5
Sephora Body Butter
Body Butter
A rich, lightly scented cream for the entire body. This thick, luxurious moisturizer rejuvenates skin with natural shea butter and beeswax, which softens skin and prevents against moisture loss. 6.7 oz. / $8.00
Sephora Body Wash
Body Wash
A hydrating, lightly scented body cleanser. This concentrated liquid, when mixed with water, creates a lavish lather that cleans and moisturizes. Skin is left soft and smooth. 10 oz. / $6.00
Sephora Body Scrub
Body Scrub
A lightly scented body exfoliator. Using small Jojoba beads, this gentle yet effective scrub stimulates the skin while polishing away dry, dead cells. Macadamia Seed oil softens and hydrates the newly revealed skin. 6.7 oz. / $8.00
Sephora Bubble Bath
Bubble Bath
A hydrating, lightly scented bubble bath. There's nothing like a hot bubble bath to soothe tired muscles and relax the mind. This luxurious gel creates lots of foamy bubbles and it moisturizes and softens skin while you soak. 10 oz. / $6.00 - $8.00
Sephora Dry Oil
Dry Oil
A lightly scented, deeply moisturizing oil for the body. Excellent for those with very dry skin or those who don't want to wait for a moisturizer to be absorbed, this dry oil mists a light, hydrating veil onto skin. It absorbes immediately with no sticky, oily residue. 5 oz. / $8.00

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Sephora bath and body care: Sephora is a cosmetic chain store founded in 1993 by Dominique Mandonnaud in Paris, France. It was scquired in 1997 by LVMH.

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