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Softsoap Body Wash
Body Wash
Indulgently rich formulas deliver waves of moisture right down to your toes. Intense fruity and floral scents turn ordinary showers into joyful celebrations. Size: 18 oz. / $4.49
Softsoap Premium Body Wash
Premium Body Wash
Sinfully rich and delightfully creamy. Thick, sweet-smelling formulas designed to revive and delight with naturally-inspired fragrances.
Size: 15 oz. / $4.49
Softsoap Bar Soap
Bar Soap
Inside each box is a feast for your senses: luscious fruit fragrances and natural extracts, now captured in a bar. Lather, rinse, revitalize.
Size: 3.9 oz. / $4.29 / 4-pack
Softsoap Hand Soap
Liquid Hand Soap
A splash of water is all you need to activate extra-special formulas -- ripe with natural extracts, delightfully fresh scents and gorgeous jewel tones.
Size: 8.5 oz. / $2.99
Softsoap Pampered Hands
Pampered Hands
Hints of juicy fruit fragrance playfully tickle the air while rich foam formulas -- enhanced with light moisturizers -- leave hands feeling soft and smooth.
Size: 8 oz. / $2.99
Softsoap Soap
Classic Hand Soap
Flowers and fruits, sweets and spices -- these are fragrances and formulas inspired by nature. Available in a dazzling display of colors. Trust the clean. Wow your senses.™
Size: 7.5 oz. / $2.49
About Softsoap

Softsoap bath and body care: Patented in 1865 by New Yorker, William Sheppard, for his "improved liquid soap", SOFTSOAP became the common standard. The Minnetonka Corporation, located in Chaska, Minnesota, designed the liquid soap for mass retail sale in 1980. The Colgate-Palmolive company purchased Minnetonka's liquid soap business in 1987.

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