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Bath Blends by The Body Shop - A new fruity fragrance collection of hydrating bath foams. This velvety bath collection is "rich in vitamins and antioxidants." Banana is a blend of banana puree, coconut oil, and avocado oil, Berry mixes strawberry seed oil with beetroot and bilberry extract, Mango is a fruity blend of mango seed oil and passionfruit extract, and Pear is a fresh pear extract, kale extract, and kiwi seed oil mix. This fruity body collection is available in April 2020.

The Body Shop Bath Blends
The Body Shop Bath Blends
Hydrating Bath Foam 8.4 oz / $10
Launched - April 2020

The Body Shop Bath Blends Fragrances

BATH BLENDS - Give your bath time a boost with our fragrantly fruity and velvety Bath Blends. More than your average bubble bath, we've blended super fruits and vegetables known for being rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Our Bath Blend leaves dry skin feeling hydrated, nourished and comforted. Best of all, it leaves your skin looking healthier and scented. Self-care never smelled so good. Lock the door, queue up a playlist and enjoy.

- Velvety and fruity bubble bath
- Dry skin feels hydrated, nourished and comforted
- Blended with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals
- Dermatologically tested

HOW TO USE - Make The Most Of It
You choose. Turn off your phone, run a hot bath and pour around a quarter of the bottle of Bath Blend straight under the running water. Give it a good stir with your hand and enjoy. Or, hop in the shower and use as your regular shower wash., Apr. 2020

The Body Shop Bath Blends

New Fragrances

Banana Bath Blends
Scented like sweet bananas. Enriched with coconut oil from Samoa, avocado oil and banana puree made from second-choice wonky bananas.

BANANA PUREE - Our much-loved banana puree is organically produced and sourced from expert farmers at El Guabo, who are based in the Macizo del Cajas biosphere in south-west Ecuador. We've been working together since 2006, and re-established our Community Trade partnership in 2017.

Berry Bath Blends
Scented like summer berries. Enriched with bilberry and beetroot extract, and strawberry seed oil from leftover jam making.

Mango Bath Blends
Scented like a juicy mango. Enriched with passionfruit, carrot extract and mango seed oil repurposed from the food industry.

MANGO SEED OIL - Mango seed oil is loved for its high antioxidant content, as well as Vitamin A and E, which help to care for skin. We began working with a women's cooperatives to source our Community Fair Trade oil in 2017.

Pear Bath Blends
Scented like a ripe pear. Enriched with Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera from Mexico and second-choice bumpy pears.

ALOE VERA - Within the tough, rubbery exterior of the aloe plant, lies a soft center that gives our products a naturally soothing power. A natural survivor, the aloe plant manages to thrive in the harshest terrains.

(Source:, Apr. 2020)

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