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Summer Hand Soaps by ULTA - A new beach inspired fragrance collection of foaming hand soaps. These aloe infused tropical blends leave hands "feeling soft and conditioned." Coral Sands is a blend of orange, coral, and cedar; Ocean Vibes mixes aqua blossom with ocean air and driftwood; Salted Citrus is a fruity blend of blackcurrant, citrus, and orange blossom; and Sweet Shores is a fresh grapefruit, lime blossom, peony, and sandalwood mix. This limited-edition tropical floral soap collection is available beginning May 2020.

ULTA Summer Limited Edition Foaming Hand Wash
ULTA Summer Limited Edition Foaming Hand Wash
Foaming Hand Soap 8 oz / $6
Launched - May 2020

ULTA Summer Hand Soaps Fragrances

FOAMING HAND WASH - Clean hands start here! Ulta's Limited Edition Foaming Hand Wash cleanses hands while leaving them feeling soft and conditioned.

New Fragrances

Coral Sands Summer Hand Soaps
This fragrance is delightfully-scented with notes of red orange, white cedar and pink coral.

Ocean Vibes Summer Hand Soaps
Relax and take yourself ocean-side as this fragrance is filled with notes of aqua blossom, fresh ocean air and driftwood.

Salted Citrus Summer Hand Soaps
Take a dive into summer with the fresh scent of salted citrus and orange blossom mixed with notes of black currant.

Sweet Shores Summer Hand Soaps
Enjoy the notes of sheer grapefruit, lime blossom, pink peony and sandalwood while cleansing your hands.

(Source:, May 2020)

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