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Harry Potter Beauty Collection by ULTA - Ulta Beauty and the world of Harry Potter come together in a new beauty collection inspired by the houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This collection includes skincare, cosmetics, and nails. Take your pick from Gryffindor, a blend of blackberry and warm vanilla; Hufflepuff mixes sweet light florals; Ravenclaw is a fresh cucumber scent; or Slytherin a soothing scent of raindrops. Launched in July 2020, the Harry Potter beauty collections are available exclusively at Ulta.

Harry Potter & Ulta Beauty Collection
Harry Potter & Ulta Beauty Collection
Body Lotion 8.1 oz / $12
Launched - July 2020

ULTA Harry Potter Beauty Collection Fragrances

Body Lotion - Let the magical scents of the Harry Potter x Ulta Beauty Hogwarts House Body Lotion take you away to the world of Harry Potter, while the light, non-greasy formula works to soften and condition skin.

New Fragrances

Gryffindor Harry Potter Beauty Collection - Determination. Bravery. Courage.
Evoke the courage and bravery of Gryffindors with the bold scent of blackberries, while warm vanilla is reminiscent of a cozy afternoon spent in the Gryffindor Common Room.

Hufflepuff Harry Potter Beauty Collection - Dedication. Loyalty. Patience.
Kind, loyal, and patient, Hufflepuffs stay grounded with this lightly sweet and floral scent.

Ravenclaw Harry Potter Beauty Collection - Wit. Wisdom. Learning.
Fresh and crisp, cucumbers are also packed with nutrients and antioxidants, these are two benefits needed to fuel Ravenclaw's most important attributes: Wit, Wisdom, & Learning.

Slytherin Harry Potter Beauty Collection - Cunning. Ambrition. Pride.
Soothing rain drops give the fresh energy needed to fuel Slytherin's prideful, ambitious, and cunning nature.

The ULTA x Harry Potter collection is available in cosmetics, bags, brushes, nails, Bath Bombs ($8, 7 oz.), and Body Lotion ($12, 8.1 oz.) at Ulta and

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