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Victoria's Secret Spring Fragrance Mists

Spring Fragrance Collection by Victoria's Secret - Inspired by fresh springtime florals, fresh water, and the radiant blooms of the season, Victoria's Secret launches a new limited edition collection of scented fragrance mists and body lotions. Three new fragrant sets include the aquatic aromas in Alluring Waters, tropical scents in the Private Island set, and bright scents in the Radiant collection. These new perfumed mists and body lotions were launched in March and April 2021 and available for a limited time. The PINK Superfruit body mist collection also dropped in April. This "happy-bright" juice with a twist set is infused with essential oils.

Victoria's Secret Spring Fragrance Mists
Fragrance Mists & Body Lotion Collection
$18 for 8.4 oz. each
Launched - March & April 2021

Victoria's Secret Spring Fragrance Mists - Fragrance Details

Victoria's Secret New! Alluring Waters
A discovery of aquatic scents inspired by the hypnotic power of water. With captivatingly cool notes of Neroli Water, Dewy Pear and Fresh Agave. Drift away.

Fragrance Mists & Hand and Body Lotions

Falling Water - Fresh: Dewy Pear. Blue Moss. Mesmerizing moment.

Floating Neroli - Floral: Neroli Water. Jasmine Breeze. Drift away.

Liquid Coconut - Warm: Coconut Water. Salted Bergamot. Hypnotic refresh.

Nectar Wave - Fruity: Fresh Agave. Pink Berries. Go with the flow. (June 2021)

Victoria's Secret Spring Fragrance Mists

Victoria's Secret Limited Edition Private Island
Escape to your own private island. These tropical scents transport you to paradise with notes like Tiaré Flower, Cracked Coconut and Beachy Driftwood. Your oasis awaits."

Victoria's Secret Private Island Collection

Golden Sands - Warm: Warm Amber. Salty Air. Step onto the sand.

Hot Florals - Floral: Orange Flower. Blonde Woods. Feel the sun heat your skin.

Island Away - Coconut: Cracked Coconut. Beach Driftwood. Breathe in paradise.

Secret Sunrise - Fruity: Sunlit Berries. Pink Petals. You're on island time.

Victoria's Secret Spring Fragrance Mists

Victoria's Secret Limited Edition Radiant
Find your light. Your favorite scents get a glowing new twist with radiant fruits: Luminous mango, brilliant berries, pomelo splash. The future looks bright."

Victoria's Secret Radiant Collection

Bare Vanilla Radiant - Fruity: Brilliant Berries. Passionfruit Crush. Bare Vanilla gets glowing.

Love Spell Radiant - Fruity: Luminous Mango. Tangelo Fizz. Love Spell gets glowing.

Pure Seduction Radiant - Fruity: Vibrant Pineapple. Pomelo Splash. Pure Seduction gets glowing.

Velvet Petals Radiant - Fruity Floral: Bright Watermelon. Kiwi Burst. Velvet Petals gets glowing.

Victoria's Secret Spring Fragrance Mists
PINK Superfruit Body Mists
$16.50 for 8.4 oz. each
Launched - April 2021

Victoria's Secret PINK Superfruit Body Mists
Need a juice reboot? We're serving it up. Mist on happy-bright superfruit scents with a fresh-pressed twist."

PINK Superfruit Collection

Just Peachy is creamy and sweet with notes of White Peach, Coconut Milk and Raspberry.

Pineapple Slice is uplifting and juicy with notes of Pineapple, Coconut Water and Fresh Ginger

Berry Pop is bursting and energizing with notes of Strawberry, Dragonfruit and Hibiscus

Melon Chill is icy and calming with notes of Cool Melon, Blueberry and Frozen Mango.

Passion Punch is extra zesty with notes of Grapefruit, Passionfruit and Açaí Berry.

The new Victoria's Secret Spring Fragrance Collection body collection is available in Fragrance Mist, $18 for 8.4 oz, and Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion, $18 for 8 oz. each. The Superfruit PINK collection is available in Body Mists, $16.50 for 8.4 oz. each.

(Source:, June 2021)

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