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Natural Beauty Botanicals by Victoria's Secret - A new botanical, nature inspired scent collection of fragrance mists, scented lotions, body wash, and body scub for "the ultimate wellness scent experience." This limited edition "natural" fragrance collection was released in 2020 and is available in three new scents: Coconut Milk & Rose (Calm), Green Pear & Citrus (Refresh), and Pomegranate & Lotus (Balance). "Awaken your senses" with the new Victoria's Secret Natural Beauty Botanicals perfumed body collection.

Victoria's Secret Natural Beauty Botanicals
Victoria's Secret Natural Beauty Botanicals
Fragrance Mist 8.4 oz / $18
Body Lotion 8 oz / $18
Moisturizing Cream Body Wash 8 oz. / $18
Exfoliating Body Scrub 13 oz. / $18

Launched - February 2020

Victoria's Secret Natural Beauty Fragrances

The ultimate wellness scent experience with botanical inspiration. Awaken your senses with our newest collection. Relaxing coconut milk and rose. Invigorating green pear and citrus. Rejuvenating pomegranate and lotus. Just relax and say spa."

New Fragrances

Coconut Milk & Rose - Floral Fruity. Feel calm. True relaxation.

Green Pear & Citrus - Fresh Watery. Hit refresh. Pure invigoration.

Pomegranate & Lotus - Fruity Floral. Find balance. Sheer rejuvenation.

(Source:, 02/20)

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