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PINK Chilled Fragrances by Victoria's Secret - New winter collection of fragrance mists and scented body lotions in your PINK favorites. Five new scents include: Beach Flower Chilled (frosted passionfruit) a fresh fruity scent with juniper berry, Soft & Dreamy Chilled (cool peach) a fresh floral with sparkling citrus, Warm & Cozy Chilled (coconut sorbet) a fresh gourmand with iced mint, Cool & Bright Chilled (crisp pomegranate) a fresh floral with icy petals, and Fresh & Clean Chilled (iced orchid) a fresh musk with frosted apple. These new limited edition fragrances featuring "a frosted, icy twist" will transport you to a wintery vacation. Available now online and at your local PINK stores.

PINK Chilled Fragrances

PINK Chilled Fragrances - fragrance info

Fragrance House Victoria's Secret
Introduced Winter 2019
Scents Available Beach Flower Chilled | Cool & Bright Chilled | Fresh & Clean Chilled |
Soft & Dreamy Chilled | Warm & Cozy Chilled
Collection PINK Chilled
Available Products Fragrance Mist 8.4 oz / $16.50
Mini Scented Mist 2.5 oz / $7.50
Scented Lotion 8 oz / $16.50

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Victoria's Secret PINK Chilled

‘Tis the season for a frosted, icy twist on all our best-selling scents. These limited-edition mists empower, never overpower.

New Fragrances

Beach Flower Chilled - Smells like snowy palms, wanderlust and island dreams.
Fragrance style: Fruity Fresh with Frosted Passionfruit, Blue Freesia and Juniper Berries

Cool and Bright Chilled - Smells like city glow, falling snow and silver belles.
Fragrance style: Fresh Floral with Crisp Pomegranate, Winter Woods and Icy Petals

Fresh and Clean Chilled - Smells like icy skies, chilled apple and snow days.
Fragrance style: Fresh Musk with Iced Orchid, Snowy Air and Frosted Apple

Soft and Dreamy Chilled - Smells like icy petals, frosty fruits and endless wishes.
Fragrance style: Fresh Floral with Cool Peach, Pink Pepper and Sparkling Citrus

Warm and Cozy Chilled - Smells like fresh snowflakes, cozy vanilla and movie marathons.
Fragrance style: Gourmand Fresh with Coconut Sorbet, Vanilla Swirl and Iced Mint Leaves

(Source:, 11/19)

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