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PINK Desert Oasis Fragrance Collection by Victoria's Secret - A new limited-edition fragrance collection inspired by warm sand and wild flowers, Victoria's Secret launches a new PINK scent trio. The essential oil infused body mist and matching body lotion combos are available in Blush Palms a blend of soft amber and pink sunsets, Cactus Water a mix of cactus blossom and raindrops, and Desert Petals a wildflowers and hot sands aroma. This warm floral body collection is available for a limited time beginning July 2020.

PINK Desert Oasis
PINK Desert Oasis
Warm Florals
Launched - July 2020

PINK Desert Oasis

Chase what feels good: Wild flowers, cool cactus & warm sands. Live wild. Chase bliss. Dream serene. This desert-inspired scent collection bottles the beauty of earth elements in three soft and addicting blends. Infused with Essential Oils for scent that empowers, never overpowers."

PINK Desert Oasis Fragrance Collection

New Fragrances

Blush Palms - Soft Amber, Pink Sunsets
Dream serene by the beach. Warm with Soft Amber, Palm Leaves and Pink Sunsets.

Cactus Water - Cactus Blossom, Raindrops
Chase bliss in the rain. Fresh with Cactus Blossom, Raindrops and Sun showers.

Desert Petals - Wildflowers, Hot Sands
Live wild under the sun. Floral with Wildflowers, White Sands and Desert Air.

PINK Desert Oasis

The new Victoria's Secret PINK Desert Oasis Fragrance Collection is available in scented Body Mist, $16.50 for 8.4 oz, and matching Body Lotion, $16.50 for 8 oz.

(Source:, July 2020)

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