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Summer Spritzers by Victoria's Secret - A new fruity fragrance collection inspired by refreshing tropical cocktails. These scented fragrance mists and nourishing hand and body lotions are available in four new summertime scents that "brighten your virtual happy hour." Citrus Chill is a blend of tangelo and almonds, Coconut Granita mixes pineapple with warm coconut, Melon Sorbet is a fruity blend of strawberries and watermelon, and Tropical Spritz is a fresh guava and floral blossom mix. This chilled fruit body collection is available April 2020 for a limited time.

Victoria's Secret Summer Spritzers
Victoria's Secret Summer Spritzers
Fragrance Mist 8.4 oz / $18
Hand & Body Lotion 8 oz / $18

Launched - April 2020

Victoria's Secret Summer Spritzers Fragrances

Refreshing and chilled, fruity scents to brighten your virtual happy hour. Refresh your senses with the scents of summer. This limited-edition lineup of light, fruity fragrances is infused with chilled notes of frosted coconut, cool tangelo, iced guava and frozen watermelon. Watery and sheer, it's a cool, cool summer. The Mist Collection is a fragrance adventure, and it starts with you."

New Fragrances

Citrus Chill - Citrus: Sparkling Tangelo. Almond Blooms. Frozen Sunshine.

Coconut Granita - Coconut Warm: Pink Pineapple. Shaved Coconut. Summer Crush.

Melon Sorbet - Fruity Warm: Sugared Watermelon. Strawberry Leaves. Irresistibly Cool.

Tropical Spritz - Fruity Floral: Effervescent Guava. Solar Blossom. Paradise on Ice.

Victoria's Secret Summer Spritzers

(Source:, Apr. 2020)

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