Bath & Body Fragrances by Victoria's Secret

Sunkissed Fragrances by Victoria's Secret - Your favorite VS scents get a new spring twist in this sun-kissed collection of fragrance mists and scented body lotion. Available in four new luminous scents: Bare Vanilla Sunkissed (vanilla, amber), Love Spell Sunkissed (nectarine, sandalwood), Velvet Petals Sunkissed (kiwi, solar blooms), and Pure Seduction Sunkissed (tiare flower, guava). These limited edition body fragrances welcome the "sunny days ahead."

Victoria's Secret Sunkissed Fragrances
Victoria's Secret Sunkissed Fragrances
Fragrance Mist 8.4 oz / $18
Body Lotion 8 oz / $18

Launched - January 2020

Victoria's Secret Sunkissed Fragrances

Sunny days ahead. Our top scents get a luminous twist for Spring beaming with golden woods, sheer musks, solar blooms and amber accords. It's a fragrance adventure, and it starts with you."

New Fragrances

Bare Vanilla Sunkissed - Warm. Vanilla glimmer. Amber beams. Bare Vanilla in the sun.

Love Spell Sunkissed - Fruity Warm. Bright nectarine. Bronzed sandalwood. Love Spell in the sun.

Pure Seduction Sunkissed - Fruity Floral. Tiare flower. Guava glow. Pure Seduction in the sun.

Velvet Petals Sunkissed - Floral Warm. Solar blooms. Kiwi rush. Velvet Petals in the sun.

(Source:, 01/20)

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