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Wild Blooms by Victoria's Secret - A new seasonal floral fragrance collection of fragrance mists and scented body lotions. Available in four new natural scents: Desert Lily (iris, lily), Passion Flowers (peony), Spring Poppies (violet leaves, poppies), and Wild Primrose (gardenia, primrose). These limited edition body fragrances were released in 2020.

Victoria's Secret Wild Blooms
Victoria's Secret Wild Blooms
Fragrance Mist 8.4 oz / $18
Body Lotion 8 oz / $18

Launched - January 2020

Victoria's Secret Wild Blooms Fragrances

It's elemental. From untamed poppies to passion flowers and desert lilies, this season's florals are raw, natural and captured in the wild. It's a fragrance adventure, and it starts with you."

New Fragrances

Desert Lily - Floral. Lily sun. Tangled iris. Flower rush.

Passion Flowers - Fruity Floral. Vibrant bouquet. Peony breeze. Untamed fields.

Spring Poppies - Fruity Floral. Poppy days. Violet leaves. Petal burst.

Wild Primrose - Floral. Primrose twist. Luscious gardenia. Endless blooms.

(Source:, 01/20)

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