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Winter Bliss by Victoria's Secret - Inspired by chilly wintertime scents, Victoria's Secret launches a new limited edition collection of scented fragrance mists and body lotions. The wonderland inspired WINTER BLISS scents include Moonlight Frost a blend of lily and white woods, floral aquatic Winter Sky a mix of artic air and coconut, Wonderland Woods a snowy pine and winter rose blend, and Fresh Snowfall a peony and holly berry scent. These new snow-touched perfumed mists and body lotions are available November 2020 for a limited time.

Victoria's Secret Winter Bliss
Victoria's Secret Winter Bliss
Fragrance Mists & Body Lotion Collection
Launched - November 2020

Victoria's Secret Winter Bliss - Fragrance Details

Victoria's Secret New! Limited Edition Winter Bliss Fragrance Mists
Get swept away in the magic of wintertime. Transport yourself to a snow-touched wonderland with frozen fruits, icy leaves and mountain air. Breathe in and bliss out. Enhance your experience with matching Hand & Body Lotion.

Fragrance Mists & Hand and Body Lotions

Fresh Snowfall - Fruity Floral: Sugared Peony. Hollie Berries. Let it snow.

Moonlight Frost - Gourmand: Chilled Lily. White Woods. All is bright.

Winter Sky - Watery Floral: Artic Air. Coconut Ice. All is calm.

Wonderland Woods - Fruity Floral: Snowy Pine. Winter Rose. Where treetops glisten. (Nov. 2020)

Victoria's Secret Winter Bliss

Winter Bliss Limited Edition
Breathe in, and bliss out. Transport yourself with scents from a snow-touched wonderland."

Victoria's Secret Winter Bliss

The new Victoria's Secret Winter Bliss body collection is available in Fragrance Mist, $18 for 8.4 oz, and Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion, $18 for 8 oz. each

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