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Floral Collection Magnolia by 4711 is a new floral fragrance for women. This creamy magnolia perfume is crafted with delicate citrus notes of sweet orange and mandarin orange mixed with spicy pink pepper on top, blending into a bouquet of magnolia, freesia, and jasmine flowers, with a dry down finish of sensual sandalwood and cashmeran. This exotic magnolia scent is housed in the iconic No. 4711 perfume bottle with a rosey pink hue and gold accents. Launched in 2020, the intoxicating feminine aroma is available in an eau de cologne.

4711 Floral Collection Magnolia
4711 Floral Collection Magnolia
Fragrance Notes
Top - Mandarin Orange, Sweet Orange
Heart - Magnolia, Freesia, Jasmine
Base - Sandalwood, Cashmeran

Launched - August 2020

4711 Floral Collection Magnolia - new fragrance details

No. 4711 Original Eau de Cologne Floral Collection Magnolia
A flower speaks more than a thousand words. The 4711 Original Eau de Cologne Floral Collection is like an exquisite bouquet of flowers. Throughout the history of the House of 4711, floral essences have been incorporated into numerous different collections and last year, new life was breathed into them as part of our latest Floral Collection. In 2020, we are adding one more feminine fragrance to this collection. The exotic magnolia is now joining the Floral Collection portfolio, proving a new favourite for perfumers.

4711 Floral Collection Magnolia
The enchanting magnolia blossom is captivating, casting its spell instantly with its mesmerising fragrance. The gorgeously creamy scent with delicate citrus notes is certainly why this flower is so extraordinarily popular.

4711.com (August 2020)

4711 Floral Collection Magnolia Fragrance

The new 4711 Floral Collection Magnolia perfume is available in an Eau de Cologne spray, $30 for 3.4 oz. (smallflower.com)

4711 Floral Collection Magnolia Collection

N°4711 Original Eau de Cologne - Floral Collection

4711 Floral Collection Jasmine
The rich floral fragrance of white jasmine portrays a very sensual femininity. The sweet and intensive aroma of this floral essence is said to have a seductive effect.
Scent notes: Bergamot, tea; jasmine, neroli; cedarwood, tonka bean, musk.

4711 Floral Collection Lilac
The lilac is an enchanting harbinger of spring and evokes pleasing memories of a garden in full bloom. Velvety and soft, this flower essence exudes a special kind of magic.
Perfume notes: Bergamot, peach, freesia; lilac, rose, jasmine; sandalwood, musk.

4711 Floral Collection Rose
No other flower represents love and romance like the rose: Its lovely, gentle fragrance underlines the femininity of a woman and has long been the symbol of lovers.
Fragrance notes: Green tea, mandarin orange, bergamot; rose, freesia, violet; sandalwood, musk.

4711.com (August, 2020)

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