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A Dozen Roses fragrances: American niche perfume company founded by Sandy Cataldo and Lynn Emmolo, that has been discontinued. Learn more

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A Dozen Roses fragrance and perfume list.

A Dozen Roses Perfumes (by year launched)

2012 - Electron

2011 - Gold Rush | Iced White | Shakespeare in Love

A Dozen Roses - perfume house

About A Dozen Roses
A Dozen Roses fragrances is a luxury collection of eau de parfums created from a passion for roses, art and pure perfumery. Each fragrance is a totally modern interpretation of the rose, complex and resonant, created to surround the pure rose absolut at its core. Each a unique signature scent a woman can make her own.
(Source:, Jan. 2012)

A Dozen Roses perfumes were sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus. The line has been discontinued.

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A Dozen Roses Perfumes

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