Rose Cocoa - perfume for women

Rose Cocoa by Aerin is a new floral gourmand fragrance for women. Crafted by perfumer Olivier Cresp with top notes of mandarin, peony, and cinnamon blending into a heart of rose, orris, cocoa bean, and a champagne truffle accord, resting on a base of agaroud, cetalox, amber, vanila, and musk. This new limited-edition fragrance was launched for the 2019 holiday season, sold exclusively at Nordstrom. The confectionary delight is available in the classic AERIN perfume bottle updated with a chocolate brown hue, gold accents, and a cocoa velvet bow.

Aerin Rose Cocoa
Aerin Rose Cocoa - Parfum
Floral Gourmand
Top notes - Mandarin, cinnamon, peony
Heart notes - Rose centifolia, orris, cocoa bean absolute, champagne truffle accord
Base notes - Agaroud, amber, vanilla infusion, musk, cetalox

Perfumer - Olivier Cresp
Launched - October 2019

Aerin Rose Cocoa is available in a parfum spray, $235 for 1.7 oz. (Nordstrom)

Aerin Rose Cocoa Fragrance

Aerin Rose Cocoa - new fragrance details

This Rose Cocoa Parfum experience combines velvety florals with gourmand notes, providing a rich and enchanting scent. Rose Cocoa Parfum is crafted from an artisanal blend of Mandarin, Cinnamon, Rose Centifolia, Cocoa Bean Absolute, Champagne Truffle Accord, Amber, Vanilla and Musk."

(Source:, Dec. 2019)

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