Aftelier Perfumes Vanilla Smoke - perfume for women

Vanilla Smoke by Aftelier Perfumes - A smoky vanilla natural perfume for women. This natural fragrance is not a sweet vanilla candy gourmand scent, but rather a smoky scent from the lapsang souchong tea accord. The notes of exotic saffron and citrusy floral mandarin give the scent an opening sparkle. Vanilla Smoke is hand blended by perfumer Mandy Aftel, and available in an eau de parfum spray and parfum.

Aftelier Perfumes Vanilla Smoke Fragrance

Aftelier Perfumes Vanilla Smoke Perfume

Aftelier Perfumes Vanilla Smoke - fragrance info

Perfume House Aftelier Perfumes
Introduced November 2015
Perfumer Mandy Aftel
Scent Classification Gourmand
Fragrance Notes Top -- Yellow Mandarin, Siam Wood, Saffron Absolute, Vanillin
Heart --
Base -- Vanilla Absolute, Lapsang Souchong, Ambergris, Coumarin
Package Design  
Print/TV Campaign  
Available Products Eau de Parfum 1oz / $180, Parfum 0.25oz / $180, 0.25ml $6 (sample)

Aftelier Perfumes Vanilla Smoke Perfume Campaign

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Aftelier Perfumes Vanilla Smoke

"Vanilla Smoke is a sexy sophisticated smoke-laced vanilla perfume. I have always loved the refined aroma of vanilla absolute from Madagascar for its gorgeous facets of wood, resin and spices. Fine vanilla absolute possesses none of the ubiquitous creamy sweet candy-like notes associated with commercial vanilla fragrances. The dark smokiness of lapsang souchong tea essence has been extracted from tea leaves that were smoked over pinewood. The vanilla becomes even more beautiful when accentuated with the fire and mystery of lapsang.

"Precious Siam wood offers warm balsamic wood notes that merge seamlessly with the vanilla. Sumptuous saffron brings a touch of the exotic and the faraway, while yellow mandarin with its slightly floral citrus sparkle lifts the opening of the perfume. Meanwhile ambergris insinuates its shimmering presence, creating a luminescence and sheer texture."
-- (Dec 2015)

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