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Avon Stories by Avon - A new collection of feminine fragrances that allow you to "express all the beautiful sides of you." Four new fresh warm scents include Work Your Magic a blend of crisp apple, lotus petals, and drops of golden honey. Cloud Nine mixes creamy vanilla, with airy bergamot, and dreamy peony flowers. Something Amazing opens with juicy pomelo, a heart of honeysuckle, and a soft finish of blonde cedar. Skip A Beat is crafted with radiant lemon blossom, dewy fresh water lily, and a bright clean musk base. These new fragrances for women are housed in glass cylinder perfume bottles with round black caps, each featuring a colorful label reminiscent of their respective aromas. Launched in 2019 these scent-stories perfumes are available in eau de toilette sprays from your local Avon representative.

Avon Stories Fragrance

Avon Stories Perfume

Avon Stories - fragrance info

Perfume House Avon
Introduced January 2019
Scent Classification Various
Fragrance Notes Various: See notes below
Package Design Glass cylinder perfume bottle with black caps and abstract art labels.
Print/TV Campaign  
Available Products Eau de Toilette 1.7 oz / $17

Avon Stories Perfume Campaign

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Avon Stories

Avon Stories Collection - Eau de Toilette

Avon Stories: a collection of stories about scent to express all the beautiful sides of you. Every scent tells a story. Experience the moments, memories and moods captured in each. What's your story?

Cloud Nine - Elated and Blissful
Cloud Nine Eau de Toilette is a warm and dreamy fragrance encapsulating total bliss, feeling elated and floating on air... don't let this moment ever end.
Fragrance Category
Warm & Dreamy - Warm floral scents with flowing, silky and romantic notes.
Top: Bergamot - a luminous airy opening
Middle: Blushing peony - a soft and dreamy floral
Base: Creamy whipped vanilla - a light and comforting finish

Something Amazing - Confident and Intuitive
Something Amazing Eau de Toilette is a fresh and sweet fragrance that's emboldened, vivacious and inspiring... the perfect balance of confidence and intuition. Just go for it!
Fragrance Category
Fresh & Sweet - Fruity scents with bright, sparkling and crisp notes.
Top: Pomelo - opens with a juicy splash
Middle: Honeysuckle - the driving spirit of the fragrance
Base: Blonde cedar - a soft, but exciting finish

Skip A Beat - Hopeful and Joyful
The fresh, clean fragrance of Skip A Beat Eau de Toilette is filled with hope and joy! Get ready to seize the day and all that it holds.
Fragrance Category
Fresh & Clean - Dynamic scents with cool, watery and refreshing notes.
Top: Sparkling lemon blossom - a radiant opening bursting with optimism
Middle: Fresh water lily - dewy florals bloom at the heart
Base: Clean musk - a bright and fresh finish

Work Your Magic - Mysterious and Intriguing
Work Your Magic Eau de Toilette is an alluring, warm fragrance that is mysterious, intriguing and oh so enchanting... who needs a secret potion?
Fragrance Category
Warm & Exotic - Warm scents with enticing, emboldening and sophisticated notes.
Top: Apple - a pinch of warming fruitiness
Middle: Lotus blossom - a dash of hypnotic petals
Base: Golden honey - a drop of addictive sweetness

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