Peony Rose - perfume for women

Peony Rose by Avon is a new fresh floral fragrance for women. Peony is the flower of the month for April, to celebrate, Avon launched their latest addition to the Avon Flourish collection of scents, Peony Rosé. This modern feminine scent was crafted by Firmenich perfumer, Alexis Grugeon, with notes of fruity pink currant blending into a heart of dewy peony petals, and resting on a base of elegant sheer musk. The original Avon Flourish Honey Blossom perfume bottle is updated with a beautiful pink peony blossom design. Avon Flourish Peony Rosé was launched in 2020 as an eau de parfum spray.

Avon Flourish Peony Rose
Avon Flourish Peony Rose
Fresh Floral
Top notes - Pink Currant
Heart notes - Dewy Peony
Base notes - Sheer Musk

Launched - April 2020

The essence of lush, glistening blooms in the early morning light, this fresh composition of watery florals shines with notes of dewy peony petals, pink currant and sheer musk."

Avon Flourish Peony Rose dewy fragrance

Avon Flourish Peony Rose - new fragrance details

Avon Flourish Peony Rosé Eau de Parfum
Fresh & Clean - Fresh floral scents with dewy, elegant and pure notes.

A fresh composition of watery florals, Flourish Peony Rosé captures the essence of lush, glistening blooms in the morning light. With sparkling notes of pink currant, peony petals and sheer musk, this feminine fragrance is fresh and luxurious.

(Source:, Apr. 2020)

Avon Flourish Peony Rose Fragrance Ad

A new day unfolds with the beautiful blossoms of fresh, dewy florals.

Avon Flourish Peony Rose fragrance

The new Avon Peony Rose fragrance is available in an Eau de Parfum spray, $35 for 1.7 oz. (

Avon Flourish Peony Rose Perfume

A Note from the Perfumer

This fragrance perfectly encompasses the evolution of the rose. I was inspired by the sophisticated beauty of a rose where I captured the transparent and fresh bloom, making it timeless. Rose is a classic note, that's continually being reinvented in modern ways. Peony Rosé is my modern take on a rosy fragrance - one that can appeal to women of any age today."

Alexis Grugeon, Perfumer, Firmenich

Avon Flourish Peony Rose Fragrance Campaign Cover

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